”Israel will no longer exist in 25 years”- Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei , the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The Prince of Persia is a spirit being that the Holy Bible describes as a ”principality’’. He rules over the geographical space that was once known as Persia but that is now known as Iran.

This is an entity that has the power to contend with even the most awesome of God’s angels. Judging from the words of Ayatollah Khamenei I have little doubt that he is firmly under the grip of this spirit being.
When he speaks, it is not him that is speaking but rather it is the Prince of Persia that is speaking through him. This contribution is about the folly of trusting such a man and the manifest danger of entering into a nuclear arms deal with him.

Permit me to begin with an aside. One of the consequences of the war in Syria and Iraq is the massive inflow of refugees from the Middle East into Europe. It is sad to see millions of people fleeing their homeland and walking half way across the world to escape the savagery of war.
The question that arises is this: why have Saudi Arabia and the other Arab Gulf states refused to assist their Muslim and Arab brothers and take them in? Mr. Paul Joseph Watson raised some pertinent points in a contribution to Global Research. He wrote:
‘’While European countries are being lectured about their failure to take in enough refugees, Saudi Arabia – which has taken in precisely zero migrants has 100,000 air conditioned tents that can house over 3 million people sitting empty. The sprawling network of high quality tents are located in the city of Mina, spreading across a 20 square km valley, and are only used for 5 days of the year by Hajj pilgrims. The tents could provide shelter for almost all of the 4 million Syrian refugees that have been displaced by the country’s civil war. While it refuses to take in any more refugees, Saudi Arabia has offered to build 200 mosques for the 500,000 migrants a year expected to pour into Germany. While Europe is being burdened by potentially millions of people who don’t share the same culture or religion as the host population, Gulf Arab states refuse to pull their weight, resolving only to throw money at the problem’’.

Mr. Watsons’ observations are legitimate.
I support the assertion that the west should take in as many Arab refugees as possible on humanitarian grounds. However there must be a moment of pause whilst we consider the following questions.
Is it possible that some of those that have fled to Europe are actually ISIS members who are using this opportunity to plant themselves in the very heart of western civilization where they can wreak havoc? Is there any truth in the Russian narrative that the massive exodus of Arab refugees into Europe today is nothing short of a “Trojan horse” invasion?

Again is it conceivable that the refusal of the Saudis to receive any of the refugees is borne out of the fact that the quickest way to change the racial and religious identity of Europe and to bring greater Arab and Islamic influence to bear on western culture and civilization is the mass migration of millions of Muslim refugees into Europe?
This suspicion is reinforced by the fact that instead of taking in the refugees the Saudi authorities have instead offered to build 200 mosques in Germany in order to cater for the migrants that seek refuge there.
Do those voices in Europe that have called for caution in receiving the refugees have a point? That remains to be seen. This brings us to the very heart of this contribution and begs for an answer to the following question.
If such an influx of refugees into Europe has been triggered off by what is essentially a Middle Eastern proxy war between the U.S.A and Saudi Arabia on the one hand and Russia and Iran on the other, can one possibly imagine the sheer carnage and massive influx that a war between Iran and Israel would cause?
What is happening today would be child’s play when one considers that scenario. Yet those that support the Iran nuclear arms deal fail to appreciate the fact that strengthening Iran by lifting sanctions and putting hundreds of billions of dollars in the Iranian governments’ coffers takes us one step closer to such a conflict.
Until Iran renounces its intention of spreading global jihad and until the clerics that rule that country stop their provocative rhetoric towards Israel there can never be peace.
The only language that terror understands is an equal dose of terror. The policy of appeasement which the Iran nuclear deal represents is the worst thing that could have happened and those that have put it in place will have cause to deeply regret it.
The greatest mistake that President Obama has made is to trust Iran. This is a country whose leaders have continuously referred to America as the ‘’great Satan’’ and Israel as the ‘’little Satan’’.
This is a country whose Supreme Leader opens political rallies by chanting ‘’death to America’’. This is a country whose former President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that Israel would be ‘’wiped off the face of the earth’’.
This is a country whose leaders believe in the coming of the great Muslim ”Mahdi”- the so-called “Guided One” whose coming, according to shia eschatology and prophecy, “will be heralded by the raising of a black flag in Kurasan”. This is a country whose leaders fully espouse the concept of global jihad and whose constitution specifically calls for the destruction of America and Israel.
By this deal President Obama has given the Iranian government immense power and a new lease of life. This is a government that is perverse in all its ways and that presides over the affairs of a vicious and unrelenting theocratic state. This is a government that is led by a handful of misguided religious fanatics whose objective is to spread radical Islam throughout the world.

This is a government that has taken away the basic freedoms of its’ own people and held them in bondage for the last 36 years. This is a government that exports blood, death and terror by funding terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Mehdi Army and many others throughout the world.
Given all this can anyone legitimately dispute the words of the former Foreign Minister of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, who described the nuclear deal as ”a surrender to terror”? On his part the Defence Minister of Israel, Mr. Moshe Yaalon, said it is a deal that was built on Iran’s ”lies and deceit”. He went further by describing the agreement as ”a tragedy for all who aspire for regional stability and who fear a nuclear Iran”.

Most instructive of all was the contribution of Israel’s Education Minister, Mr. Naftali Bennet, who warned that: ”The history books have been re-written again today and this period will be deemed particularly grave and dangerous”. He said, ”western citizens who get up for another day at work or school are not aware of the fact that about half a trillion dollars has been transferred to the hands of a terrorist superpower, the most dangerous country in the world, who has promised the destruction of nations and peoples. Today it may be us, tomorrow it may reach every country in the form of suitcase bombs in London or New York. Israel has done everything possible to warn of danger and in the end it will follow its own interest and will do whatever it takes to defend itself” (See Peter Beaumonts’ article in the UK’s, Guardian Newspaper, 14th July 2015).
These men have spoken nothing but the truth and the world would do well to listen. Sadly that does not appear to be happening because the American government has been sold a dummy and they have taken the full plunge. I have always viewed Obama’s policies in the Middle East and North Africa with suspicion.
In my view he is the greatest friend that the radical jihadists have ever had in the White House and he has done more for their cause than any other American President. His support for the Iran nuclear deal confirms this.
Permit me to conclude this contribution with a word to Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the man who said that Israel will ”no longer exist’’ in 25 years: hell will freeze over before Israel ever goes down.
Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, responded to him in an equally eloquent manner by saying, “anyone who attacks Israel will pay with his life”.
A word is enough for the wise. The day that Iran attacks Israel will be the day that Iran would have signed its own death warrant. They will be crushed beyond recognition and redemption.