I just listened, with rapt attention, to the speech of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of Israel on the U.N. General Assembly floor. This was a magnificent speech which moved me to tears. Amongst many other things he made the following catergorical and clear assertions.

1. ”Rouhani is a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
2. ”Israel will never allow Iran to have nuclear arms. Even if it means that Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone. And in standing alone Israel will know that she will be doing so on behalf of many many others in the world”.
3.”For peace to succeed the Palestinians must recognise the right of Israel to exist with security guarantees”.
4. ”What a shame…..what a shame. The descendants of the Maccabees lying here in their blood, unable to defend themselves”.
5.”The people of Israel have come home, never to be uprooted again”.
I have always believed that Binyamin Netanyahu is one of the greatest leaders on the planet today. I have followed his career with great interest and both he and his family members and forefathers that came before him have served Israel well and have made many sacrifices for their nation.
He is totally committed to the cause of his people and to the protection of the Jewish state and I have always been one of his greatest admirers. I am also a lover of the state of Isarel. I love Israel with my entire body, spirit and soul just as the bible commands me to do. It is a spiritual and emotional connection which is inexplicable to those that are not evangelical or practising christians and that do not understand it.
I listened to Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations very carefully just now and as he spoke the history and the travails of the jewish state, the sons of David and the people of God flashed through my mind. It was a powerful, passionate and emotional speech which reminded us of the remarkable suffering that the jewish people had been through over the centuries and the terrible dangers that the State of Israel faces on a daily basis.
The threat to them is existential. One mistake, one act of weakness, one omission or one miscalculation and they will be wiped off the face of the earth by those that do not believe that they have the right to exist. I was utterly bowled over by this speech as he reminded us of the fact that the Iranians are wolves in sheeps clothing and that Isarel would ”never be uprooted from their land again”.
Tears came to my eyes as he ended the speech with those words because I was witnessing history in motion- a real leader, who loves his people, who knows his history, who quoted the bible and who was bold enough to tell the entire world that if Israel was forced to stand alone to defend herself, her interests and her people she would do so without any hesitation. That is a leader. O that we had such a leader in Nigeria. O that we had such a leader amongst the yoruba. O that we had men of knowledge and passion that are prepared to courageously sacrifice their very lives for their people if necessary.
I will always support the Netanyahu’s of this world and the State of Israel and as much as I am very wary of American foreign policy and critical of Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East and particularly Syria, I love Israel and I am committed to her cause. This I must make clear to those that read my works and my essays and that follow me on twitter and on this wall. I will never say or do anything or support any cause that threatens the existence or interests of the State of Israel. This is a solemn oath that I have taken before the Living God and I intend to keep it.
Shalom al Israel.