Why yearn for a dying and decaying past when the future is brighter and better? Why ponder on the painful memories of shattered dreams when God’s promise assures of a greater tomorrow? Why hold on to dashed hopes, futile aspirations and the ill-spirited when you know that they wound the souls that love? Here is wisdom- never sell yourself short and share not your love with those that secretly despise you and that do not value or appreciate your fawning affection.

To continue to waste and shower your love on such hopeless souls is like casting pearls before swine and like giving dogs what is holy. The greatest curse with which any mortal can be afflicted is for him or her to be shown love by another but yet to be unable to see it, accept it, understand it and appreciate it. Such sorry souls that are so afflicted secretly hate and continously display contempt for those that truly love them. They wound the souls that love. They lack the milk of human kindness, they have no compassion and they have lost all sense of decency and humanity. Their language is deceit and their currency is betrayal.

This is a terrible affliction and it brings nothing but poverty of the spirit, turmoil and sadness. It wears the robes of sorrow. To hold on to such people is like bathing oneself in acid. It is like wallowing in the faeces of pigs and rolling in the dung of horses. It is like celebrating a dead corpse that is still walking around and dancing in the land of the living. Such an accursed and afflicted soul deserves nothing but disdain and pity and certainly not love from a true and loyal heart. Let them be far from our gates. Let them be gone with the wind. Let them be buried in the dustbin of history. Let them be labelled, “expired goods”. Let them be regarded as just a mistake and part of a turbulent and distant past. It is time to move on to better and fresher things and to better and fresher people. It is time to leave the darkness, to enter the light, to fellowship wth the good and to forget the bad and the ugly. It is time to leave the dying carcasses of traitors and insensitive souls for the vultures and scavengers to devour. It is time to embrace the warmth of sensitive spirits that offer genuine love and that bring hope, prosperity and joy. It is time to look to the greater and brighter future that our God has promised and to thank Him for new friends, new lovers, new partners and new beginnings. It is time to move on for they wound the souls that love.
The past is dead, long live the future.