Forgive those that hurt you. Love those that despise u. Heal the wounds of the broken-hearted. Strengthen and encourage the weak.
Help the poor. Fight for justice. Defend the truth. Speak for the voiceless. Confront the tyrant. Shun the wicked. Fear God.

Bow to no man.
Seek peace but do not fear war. Be a blessing. Put smiles on the faces of others. Stand firm and unperturbed in the day of trouble.
Trust God and do not doubt him for one second.Look not to your trials and tribulations but instead consider your blessings and victories.
Always remember that victory belongs to the patient and true. Do not allow urself to be distracted by haters. Leave them to God and watch their bitter end.
Love passionately, regretting nothing and thank God for those beautiful moments in your life. Most important of all cherish peace and remember that God’s blessing flows in an atmosphere of tranquility, love and unity.
Live long and prosper and strive to achieve all your goals and dreams. Despite all its still a beautiful world. We are here only for a brief moment in time make that moment count for something.
Let your destiny be made manifest and let your glory speak from generation to generation.
This is wisdom.