I received the following short note from my dear friend Pastor Yinka Akintunde who is a London-based Pastor and a highly respected writer and author. I have his permission to share it with you.

”Chief, about two years ago when Ahmed Sani Yerima married a 12 year old Egyptian girl-child and the international community (including the BBC who had earlier aired a Panorama documentry on the ”child-witch” phenomenon in southern Nigeria) turned a blind eye to it as they normally do whenever the northerners in Nigeria maltreat others in the name of Islam, I protested.
I wrote letters to the British Parliament, the BBC, ITV and other media houses here in the UK on the issue. The BBC eventually replied me last year and I was pointedly told that the peadophiliac acts of a Senator in the Parliament of a major member of the Commonwealth is ”not serious news that warrants any priority”. I will furnish you with a copy of the letter to help exposé the partial one-sided attitude of Britain and the British media to paedophilia, child sex and child marriage in Nigeria.
Their lukewarm attitude has helped despots in the name of religion and a hidden geo-political agenda thus far. Now look at what is happening today. Some people are openly justifying paedophilia, child slavery and child sex in the name of their faith and the BBC, the international television networks, our former colonial masters Britain and the rest of the world just don’t care. I knew it would come to this. Let me know if I can help push the truth out further as you have been doing. Bless you sir”- PASTOR YINKA AKINTUNDE