You are all wonderful and courageous people and the most important thing u can do for me now is to pray concerning this matter. There is nothing that God cannot do. We shall take the land and dedicate it to Him.Do not be moved by the threats and rantings of the enemy or circumstances that seem insurmountable or impossible because that is where God begins.

I assure u that if we can find favour with Him and if we can have enough faith in Him, the governorship of Osun state will only be the first step to much greater things.I will never forget all of you that are listed here today and that have come out and risked all to support and identify with me publically, even in these early days when we are still facing so much persecution and so many challenges. That takes courage and dedication. God will reward you and I will never forget it. A special thanks must go to Mosy Power, Sydney and Oscar. God brought you all my way just when I needed you the most and I want you to be rest assured that He that has started this good thing in our lives is faithful to complete it. And now I commit our cause into the hands of He that is more than able. He alone has power and He gives it to whom He deems fit. We call on the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to direct our paths and bless our cause and we solemnly pledge before the world today that to Him alone will we give the glory.God bless you all. Shalom.