Power and greatness are fought for and won. They are not given but rather they are taken. And a real man must resolve in his heart that he will either be great or he must die trying.

So whatever your field of endeavour, let your circumstances not deter or dissuade you or hold you down. You must rise up, stand firm and reach for the stars. Second best is not good enough for you: you must be the best and you must have the best. So be courageous and strong, despise the shame, know who you are, hold on to God’s promise and soldier on regardless. Go to the war front and return with the spoils of victory, no matter what it takes and no matter what it costs you. Be a man and fear nothing. Remember, they say “who dares wins”. And remember again that without any guts there is no glory. So go for the v best. Stand up and be counted. You are somebody- dare to believe it. Warriors and kings never fail: they either win or they die trying. Victory or death: that is the path of honour. That is the way of real men. There is no in between: it is either victory or death.