You speak tenderly and tender you are. Tender is your skin and your body. Tender are your ways and your words. Tender is your touch. Tender is your beauty and your gait and your walk. Tender in every way and even more tender.
You whisper tenderly with love and depth and warmth. You love with power and passion. You speak with profundity, precision and clarity. You work and think with logic. You stand with pride. You fight with courage. You write and pray with depth and faith. You are blessed with beauty.

You are the true Gueneviere : an extraordinary woman, a woman of many parts. Many love you without even knowing you. Your spirit is strong and stands tall. Your God is mighty. You can never be destroyed or defeated. You are my Esther, my Abigail, my queen, my warrior, my lover, my hero and my friend. So young, so fresh, so innocent and so free. There is none like you. Tender you are and tender you will be.