Each time I hear from you I look back on both our lives and consider how far we have come.

Against all odds God kept and preserved us: how faithful He is.

Remember the Bourdillon days? Remember those evil dark alleys and dirty streets?

Remember our inglorious descent into the portals of hell and the citadels of shame and darkness?

Remember our ex-wives and ex-flames, so filled with rage and hate, who said that we were finished and that we would amount to nothing?

Remember our former colleagues and sibling rivals that mocked us behind our backs, sneeered at us and left us for dead?

Remember the fear, shame, torment, pain and sorrow that we subjected our parents, siblings and loved ones to?

Remember our loving friends from youth, many of whom were cut short and passed on early and some of whom were somehow impaired because of the lifestyles we chose to live and the horrors we subjected ourselves to?

My brother John we survived our trials and tribulations and that is all that matters.

We lived our lives and we were not cut short. We have a story to tell.

Our lives and our testimonies are a living manifestation of God’s grace and mercy.

His love saw us through and we lived to see our children grow.

For this and so much more I praise His name everyday. Yet so much more lies ahead and the story is only half told.

He is faithful to complete that which He has started and we shall end well.

God’s purpose for bringing us into the world shall be established, His counsel shall stand, His will shall be done and His name shall be glorified.

From generation to generation our names shall be mentioned for good and our seed shall rejoice.

I will never forget your mother just as I will never forget mine. They were both pillars of strength.

They were both angels and they believed in us till the end even when others wrote us off.

They prayed for us then and they still pray for us today from God’s throne-room in heaven.

We shall not only prevail but we shall also excel. Nothing can stop us and nothing moves us.

Continue to wax strong my brother. Continue to shine. You are unstoppable.

God bless you forever.