Tomorrow, 18th September 2014, the people of Scotland will decide whether they wish to stay within the United Kingdom or not. 4 million registered people are set to vote. The campaign has been fast and furious and the polls are neck and neck. My own views are as follows. Permit me to share them here.

I am an unrepentant Anglophile but my love for the Scots goes beyond measure. Anyone that knows their history and has an inkling of the suffering that they went through under British rule over the last 300 years after the Act of Union will know why.
It is as a consequence of this deep empathy that I hope and pray that the people of Scotland opt for independence. This is the time for Scotland to make their move. This is the time for freedom to be achieved. This is the time for liberty to take root.
This is the time for a strong, proud and dashing new nation to arrive on the scene. O flower of Scotland, now is your time. Take your destiny into your own hands and move on. Conquer your fears and opt for hope.
Forget not the sacrifice and labors of your heroes past. Remember William Walllace. Remember the battle of Falkirk. Remember the battle of Stirling Bridge.
Remember Robert the Bruce. Remember the battle of Bannockburn. Remember Braveheart. Remove your shackles, vote ”yes” and be free of your oppressors forever.
Today it is Scotland. Tomorrow it will be Catalonia. Then Wales. Then Northern Ireland. Then Quebec. Then the Basque region. Then the Flemish. Then Bavaria. Then Oduduwa. Then Biafra. Then the Niger Delta Republic.
The call for self-determination, justice, fairness and equity cannot be resisted forever. No matter how long it takes the will of the people shall prevail and the sweet song of freedom shall be carried to the four corners of the earth by the wind of liberty.