Approximately two weeks ago President Goodluck Jonathan retired a course 18 General of the Nigerian Army who was Chief of Army Staff and replaced him with a course 25 one simply because he wanted an ijaw man to head the army.
By doing so he retired and destroyed the careers of no less than 50 serving and experienced generals just to make way for and ensure that his kinsman is head of the army. This is the first time this has ever happened under a democratically-elected government in our history.

There are speculations that he wishes to do the same sort of thing with the police by appointing a relatively junior officer as the next Inspector General of Police and retiring many senior officers just to make way for him simply because the man is an ijaw.
How desperate and wicked is this son of Otueke that he feels that he must destroy the careers of senior army and police officers and retire them prematurely just to ensure that his own ijaw brothers control our army and police?
And all this simply because he wants to remain in power beyond 2015 and he wants the guns and bullets to vote for him and keep the people in line. If only he knew his history he would know that this kind of thing won’t work in our country.
The Nigerian people cannot be coerced or intimidated and any attempt to rig the governorship elections in Osun and Ekiti later this year or the Presidential elections next year will be resisted by the people. A word is enough for the wise.