Amanda Knox is evil. She is as cold as ice and her eyes tell the whole story. They are the eyes of a cold blooded killer. The ritual sacrifice of the British girl was not enough. Amanda’s pleasure derives from being able to fool the world and get away with the sordid crime. She and her collaborator, the Italian boy who was essentially her emotional and sex slave.

The vampire, who was the Ivorian boy at least had the decency to confess to his sordid crime and told of the commands that Amanda gave and the pleasure she derived as the British girl’s throat was cut and her blood splattered all over their faces and the walls of the demon-infested room. Three monsters in human flesh feeding off the blood of their helpless sacrifice to the devil.

So crazed were they by that moment of life-taking, passion and sordid pleasure, so obsessed with the power and rythm of the ritual and so eager to feed the invisible and demonic entities and forces that filled the room with their British sacrifice’s blood that they did not care about the traces of evidence that they left everywhere.

And why should they? After all satan their master had promised and pledged to protect them and shield them from trouble or from being caught. He would surely honour his words- or at least so they thought and believed. All they wanted was to honour their pledge of sacrifice to him and to please him. And most important of all they enjoyed it and derived sexual pleasure of unimaginable proportions from it.

So twisted were their minds that the life of that young British girl and the great future that the Lord had mapped out for her meant nothing to them. In that cruel orgy of sex, violence and brutality she just had to die in a slow merciless and painful way. As she screamed, they came. As she begged for mercy, their passions grew hotter and wilder. As she died, their joy erupted and their ecsatasy exploded.

Amanda Knox is evil. You can tell from her eyes. They are cold and unfeeling and they are masked with a pretty face and innocent mien. To most that pretty young thing could never hurt a fly. But to the adept and the discerning she is as old as the hills and as cruel as Medusa the Gorgon.

Wickedness and sorcery are her art and Lucifer is her god. She is his handmaiden and more likely than not she has had the pleasure of lying with him on more than one occassion.

Only one person that I have ever met in my life comes close to Amanda Knox- the one with a pretty face and innocent smile but with cruel eyes and a tatooed left breast. They are the same, they have the the same spirit, they serve the same god and they both drink blood and feed on human flesh.

May the Lord deliver us all from the evil of such creatures and may their end be bitter and shameful. The blood of Amanda Knox’s sacrifice will speak against her all the days of her life and the Living God will avenge it’s precious soul.