Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu

“Even the obstacles on my way, I predict them before those that will bring them will start to think about them. I plan for betrayal, I plan for backstabbing, I also plan for reunion & forgiveness long before they happen.I expect nothing, I expect anything, I expect everything”- Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

My dearest Jagaban,

You know very well that I have always liked and respected you. You will also recall that a few years ago I warned you that everything that is being done to you today would eventually be done to you given the choices you made at the time.

I bear you no malice or ill-will but in view of what is happening in your political party and given the fact that your good friend, co-conspirator and collaborator, President Muhammadu Buhari, has finally thrown you under the bus and dumped you, I am constrained to write the following.

The bitter truth is that you predicted NOTHING and you saw NOTHING. The only thing you saw were your own vain delusions and insatiable greed and the only thing you felt and that moved you was your blind ambition.

President Muhammadu Buhari

You sold your body, spirit and soul to the enemy and betrayed your people even though we warned you over and over again that those you were dining with were far smarter and far more astute than you.

Yet even though all the signs were there you dismissed our concerns, vilified us, treated us with contempt, demonized us and sought to destroy us.

Now the chickens have come home to roost and the writing is on the wall. The signs are there for all to see. You betrayed and sold Lagos. You betrayed and sold the South West. You betrayed and sold the South East. You betrayed and sold the South South. You betrayed and sold the Middle Belt. You betrayed and sold the North East. You betrayed and sold the North West. You betrayed and sold the Muslims and you betrayed and sold the Christians.

Simply put you betrayed and sold EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in Nigeria just to feed and satisfy your psychotic obsession and compulsive ambition.

Comrade Adams Oshomole

Like Icarus the Greek, you flew too high and too close to the sun with your wax wings, puffed up and fuelled by your hubris and pride and now you shall meet your nemesis. The spiritual wound that has been inflicted on you is irreversible and terminal and there is no going back.

The dark clouds that lie ahead of you are thick, ugly, frightful, violent and impassable: you cannot make it through them safely or survive them. Your enemies have dug a pit for you and you have already fallen into it.

They have finally stripped you naked, grabbed you by your balls and taken everything from you.

You have lost your mystique, honor, glory, self-respect, following, clout, pride, reputation and so much more. You have also lost control of the political party that you conceived, formed, nurtured and built. The APC was your baby and now they have taken it from you and are set to kill it.

Chief Victor Giadom

They fooled you, used you, dimped you and humiliated you and now they are going to expose you, rubbish you, malign you, break you, crucify you, investigate you and utterly crush you.

You dreamed of being Vice President in 2015 and you failed. You are dreaming of being President in 2023 and you will fail.

In all your plans what you failed to appreciate is that God alone rules in the affairs of men. You refused to acknowledge or accept the fact that the Presidency of Nigeria can only be given by God and He gives it to whom He deems fit by prophecy and divine decree.

It is not about money and power and if it were Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Yar’adua, Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari, who had neither of the two before being respectively elected as President, would never had made it.

Sen. Abiola Ajimobi

It is about God and God alone. It is for Him alone to give. It is about His purpose, His will, His counsel, His plan and His glory.

He OWNS the Presidency and the minute any man or woman attempts to usurp His role and think that he or she can buy it or manoeuvre his or her way into it by the usage of political intrigues, guile, sagacity, wisdom, power, knowledge, money or anything else, the Lord disqualifies and rejects him.

Such a person will fail woefully and may even end up losing everything he or she values and cherishes in his futile quest.

God will never share His glory with anyone and He will never support a man or woman that is prepared to mislead, betray and sell his own people down the river just to satisfy his vaulting and insatiable ambition of becoming President.

Godwin Obaseki, Governor Edo State

Yet the signs were there but you refused to acknowledge or accept them.

They refused to give you a formal position in the National Executive. They ensured that some of your key loyalists in the South West turned against you and opposed you.

They refused to accept even ONE of your Ministerial nominees both in 2015 and 2019. They humiliated your protegee who you nominated as Vice President and turned him into a pliant and pathetic little errand boy with no testicular fortitude or shame.

They drove your nominee at FIRS out of office unceremoniously and have placed him under criminal investigation.

They have divided the ranks of your loyalists and turned even your hitherto most trusted lieutenants against you.

They insulted, undermined, marginalised you openly and worse of all they made it clear to you privately that they would NEVER give you power.

All this meant nothing to you and you shamelessly continued to support their evil ways and toe their satanic and murderous line.

Yet if you did not care about what they subjected you to you ought to have at least cared about what they did to Nigeria.

Pastor Ize Iyamu

For the last five years our nation and people have suffered because of the calamitious choices that you made and the inexplicable and unconciable alliances that you forged.

You propped up and supported a ruthless, heartless, corrupt, bloodthirsty and cruel regime and tyrant and a President that is clearly beside himself and whose mental and physical faculties reside in another realm and in another world.

Consequently our nation has been utterly and completely destroyed, our economy ruined and our people decimated.

They have been slaughtered, butchered, pauperised, emasculated, humiliated, marginalised, insulted and impoverished.

Hundreds of thousands of them have been murdered in cold blood in their homes, towns, villages and farms and millions have been displaced.

Millions more have been ruined and economically destroyed whilst our country remains weak, divided and the butt of cruel jokes all over the world.

Because of your choices Nigerians are being subjected to persecution, physically attacked, enslaved, humiliated, lynched, scorned, maimed, killed, disgraced, evicted and declared persona non grata both at home and in distant foreign lands whilst our foreign Embassies are being demolished by miscreants and local criminals even in supposedly friendly countries.

I sincerely hope thet one day you will reflect on all this and consider the damage you have done to your kinsmen and compatriots.

Whether you do or not is left to you but one thing that is clear: for the choices you have made, for all you have done and for the sheer wickedness and greed that resides in your insensitive and dark heart you will pay a heavy price both in this world and in the world to come and the Lord will hand you over to your political enemies.

Permit me to conclude by quoting the instructive words of a tweet that I posted just yesterday after I heard about the latest developments in your party. I wrote,

“First Oshiomole is kicked out by the Court of Appeal. Then his preferred replacement, Ajimobi, falls into a coma. Then his arch rival, Giadom, is recognised by Buhari as National Chairman.

Conclusion: it is over for Tinubu. He has been thrown under the bus and retired from politics!”

I stand by those words. Happy retirement my dearest Jagaban: may you live long to see the glory of our country restored and the damage that you have done to our people repaired. Shalom.

33 thoughts on “AN OPEN LETTER TO JAGABAN”

  1. Achilleus-Chud

    “You have also lost control of the political party that you conceived, formed, nurtured and built. The APC was your baby…”

    The above us grossly untrue. Ogbonnaya Onu has a hand in the party coming into being. Tinubu and co were INVITED to join after ANPP and CPC led by Onu and Buhari had agreed to a merger. APC was not Tinubu’s baby. Refer to Onu’ book on the formation of APC publicly presented in Nov. 2015 at Shehu Yar’Adua Center in Abuja. Buhari was physically present to launch the book. Every detail about the role each played is documented and there hasn’t been any other such documentary to counter that narrative.

  2. FFK you are wrong. your insight about the whole scenario is parochially viewed. Forget not that Tinubu is a strategized politician . It is not over with him in Nigeria politics as you said until the final whistle is blown … GOD BLESS NIGERIA

    1. So Tinubu has hypnotized you to this level. You don’t even believe in yourself. We need you Lexydobido to strategize and help your future and our generation.

  3. Sangodipe Abraham

    This is too much for the self acclaimed God father but God, the Father will remain in heaven to judge whosoever wanting taking his place. A jealous God with capital G. By the way, to the prayers at the tail of your letter, amen.

  4. It is funny to see this whole thing happening now and so ironical that a father can lose his own daughter to another parents without any consequences and this blind ambition of this Lagos Landlord have taken him to the camp of destruction….

    I am just a boy of Lagos

    I gently await the next show.

  5. Immanuel Agbaraka

    This is a beautifully written piece of exposé. Thanks for writing for posterity’s sake! God bless Femi Fani Kayode

  6. APC wants to save her party. The destroyers of the party; Tinubu and Osho have been tamed. NWC dissolved. Tinubu and his men have been rendered powerless. Chai, I saw this coming, I would have told the dream I had to him..In that dream ,he wanted to fly, he could not. I interpreted it as his presidential ambition coming to abrupt end. They mighty are really falling. Nothing in this life is permanent. Well, its not yet an Uhuru for Gaidon and his team. But Jagaban political career truly has come to an end.

  7. I will be glad to see EFCC go after him. The same court they used in stealing people’s mandates are dealing with them now. Jagaban my ass.

  8. Christiana Ugor

    “When the wicked are in authority the people suffer but when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice.”

    1. Ambrose Oyewole

      All these predictions will never come to fruition in jesus name. Though some of your assertion is right but i don’t wish jagaban any evil.

  9. God bless you ffk this is the most bitter truth I have read in recent time it only show that greed and sabotage won’t fetch us nothing

  10. Mokelifi Johnson

    Just waiting to see Tinubu’s next move, because I know he’s a ”cat with nine lives”. Want will happen to his famous cash cow – LAGOS STATE remains unknown.
    Just reading this article from chief FFK with my bottle of cousin brothers’ wine. Well-done FFK 👍🙌

  11. FFK you are the true son of your father, a betrayal, some of us who are young enough to know and study Nigeria politics will remember the role your father played during the time of the Balewas and the Akintolas. However, this time you are adding the role of a fifth columnist to your accolades. With what is presently going on in the ruling party APC , haters like you are quick to point their dirty fingers at the Jagaban and Asiwaju of Africa as a villain and a loser whereas the opposite is the case. Asiwaju is a political strategist of the highest order and will surely bounce back despite all tribulations and evil machinations of people like you who are quick to judgement. After all who made you a judge in this matter. In case you don’t know, Asiwaju is a staunch member of Shehu Yaradua’s PDM that encompasses nearly all the major players in Nigerian politics of today and the movement is still active underground in all the major parties in Nigeria. When the chips are down, theJagaban still have the aces in his hands and I don’t see any reason why he should not have ambitions and work towards it. He is still a force to reckon with in present day Nigerian politics take it or leave it he is bigger than you in the polity. For some of us who are still hopeful of the greatness and prosperity of the country the Jagaban is one of the best leaders of his generation. Though I have never benefited from his largesse but I have great hopes for the betterment of thecountry and I know that if power must change hands from the Hands Of the northerners to the southerners come 2023 the Asiwaju remains one of the best candidates for the top position. He has paid his dues, and have also built bridges all over the country. As an indigene of Lagos, though I am not happy with the absolute marginalization of the indigenous people of Lagos state by his political acolytes yet I still believe that he will eventually right the wrongs . Therefore FFK please join the train to make one of ours the next president of our great nation Nigeria or else you will be left behind. A word is enough for the wise.

  12. Emmanuel Adeyemi

    I want to.neliebe Nigerians are not gullible and move by mere preposition. FFK’s role in destruction of this Nation has not been forgotten. Or did his involvement in the Dansuki Hate had been written off, what about his case with EFCC. He can pick his pen in bitterness to write because he was not benefitting from this administration. The table has turned not favouring his party. FFK is parochial and is just making a mere preposition. Nigerian politics had moved and thanks to Jagagban for Liberating us from sneals of the fowlers called PDP. If not, we would still be under spells and demonic people and party called PDP. The people behind what FFK is painting are the evil people from PDP, who has been deflecting to APC even from other parties too since the conception of the APC because they do not meant well for the Party, they do not meant well for Nigerians and They are so bitter because It was a great achievement in history of Nation. After several years of manipulation, deception corruption and liberation and introduction of internet fraud, thru were defected by a new birth opposition party. Jagagban is political giant political intelligencial, political philanthropist whose many hand writing are written all over the country through his strategically placed political figures. His tentacles, allies and parleys are spread all over the country. He renew his strategy day by day whose ideology is not as self as FFK’s political God father Obasanjo. Shameless people. BAT like Asiwaju’s appellation (B.A.T)
    will turn his head downward watching the activities of other birds pounding on his own strategy and flies during the night. That’s the Strategy for Jagagban “respect” FFK seat right, relax and and keep your head straight. Watch out for the political episode.

  13. “Ps.92.7-When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever:”

    No man is above God nor is rot. He’s a dangerous God and as well Merciful.

    Thank you FFK for this piece…God bless you.

  14. Adeola Obafemi

    I know the almighty Jehova will surely judge those who let our great Nigeria down to the drain. God almighty Jehova will surely fight for the children of Nigeria as He arise for the Israelites. The day of judgement has come tinubu the errand boy of America the mighty God has arrived

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