All those exciteable, naive and impressionable people that came on my wall crucifying Dominique Strauss-Khan a few weeks ago should bury their heads in shame. The young west African chambermaid that alleged that he raped, sodomised and forced her to perform fellatio (oral sex) on him, according to the New York Times, apparantly has links with drug dealers and money-launderers and there is little or no evidence to sustain the charge and the allegations that were made against him. He has been freed from house arrest and it appears that all those that dismissed my assertion 6 weeks ago in my note which I posted on this wall titled ”Dominique Strauss Khan, Sexual Assault and the Exciteable Chambermaid” were completely wrong to do so.

In that note I had voiced my suspicions that this woman’s story was questionable, that in my view she was actually a fraud and that she probably working for the French (and possibly the American) security and intelligence agencies in a grand conspiracy to bring Strauss Khan down and prevent him from running for the French Presidency next year. But many, particularly amongst the females in our midst, disgreed with me vehemently and dismissed this postulation as being ”far-fetched” and ”ridiculous” and some even said that it was ”deeply insulting”. I guess that those that felt that way at that time may feel rather silly now. Such people owe both myself and Mr. Akin Ajose Adeogun, my friend and brother who suggested that this is the sort of thing that some working class African girls end up doing in America and Eurpope when they get there and was villified for it, an apology.

Yet despite the fact that things are looking a lot better for Strauss Khan and he is unlikely to end up in prison, his reputation still remains in shreds and his career has been ruined. The objective of those that were behind the whole set up has been achieved, he has been shamed out of the IMF, he has been utterly humiliated before the world and, since the case is still going on, he will not run in next years Presidential election in France where he had been tipped as the front runner in the race against sitting French President Nicholas Sarkozy. This is such a tragedy given the fact that this man is most likely innocent of any wrongdoing. His only crime was that he had a strong and virile libido, a vivid imagination, a penchant for romantic adventures and that he enjoyed the company of women. This is precisely why the presumption of the innocence of an accused person until he is proved guilty is so vital. It is an absolutely fundamental legal principle which a lot of non-lawyers and lay men do not appreciate unless and until they are accused of doing something that they never actually did. I know the feeling because it has happened to me too.

To be falsely accused and charged in a court of law for something that you never did by the state is a living hell and it is made all the worse when it is politically-motivated. The world had condemned and convicted Dominique Strauss Khan in the court of public opinion and in their hearts. It was only in his native France where the polls showed that the majority of people believed that he had done nothing wrong and that this was a classic James Bond-type set-up that he received any support. Sadly virtually every single African woman that I know condemned this poor man and assumed the worst about him. I was even chastised and insulted by many in my inbox for daring to suggest thgat Straus Khan was innocent and for consistently asserting that the whole thing smells of a government-sponsored set up on my fb wall. Even my simple prayer after the news of this event broke that God should deliver us men from ”the Daughters of Jezebel and Dalilah” and ”the Daughters of the Sea” (like this west African Francophone chambermaid that in my view had been sent to mess up Strauss Khan by the devil and the powers that be) was met with tremendous hostility, opprobium, resistance and contempt in a numberof places and on a number of fb walls where this matter was discussed.

I asked how it was possible for a woman to be forced to give a man a blow job without biting off his penis and yet I was met with skepticism and insults on my inbox. Naturally I took it all in my stride but things are now looking a lot clearer and we are now beginning to see the truth. This is very good news indeed for Dominique Strauss Khan and I am very happy for him and for his wife and children. The matter is not over yet but let me tell you how it will end. Srauss Khan will be aquited. The pretty and exciteable chambermaid will be sued for every penny that she has in a civil court. Worse still she will be deported back to the deep waters of west Africa ”from whence she came” and before being sent back there she may even end up being investigated, implicated, charged, prosecuted and imprisoned for a number of years for her links to the criminal underworld in America. Whatever money she was given to set up this man will soon be finished and those that used her, when the storm finally hits her, will act as if they never knew her in the first place. That, and even worse, is always the end of low level pawns and those that bear false witness, that gladly implicate innocent men and women and that are given to betraying others. They never end well and they always die a slow and terrible death. And so it shall be for this wicked chambermaid who has disgraced African womanhood by her lies, her deceit, her evil soul and her disgaceful actions.

What a lot of people do not know about the scriptures and the story of Samson and Dalilah is that when Samson died, Dalilah died with him. The morale of the tale is this….those women (whether they be ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, ex-lovers, ex-flings or even disgruntled and bitter siblings) that dedicate their lives to destroying a man with lies, misrepresentation, fabrication, extortion and falsehood will end up falling into destruction with that man when and if his time ever comes. And after that fall such women will burn in the hottest part of hell for their wickedness. Shame on all those that had crucified this innocent man called Dominique Strauss-Khan even though he had not (and neither will he ever be) been convicted by a court of law.