Today is the 27th of December and it has been one year to the day since Nigeria’s most beautiful, elegant and outstanding First Lady passed on. We all remember her and still mourn her. One year has passed by so quickly yet she is as celebrated today as she was many years ago and she is sorely missed by all.

Her riveting beauty, impeccable taste, sheer class and refined demeanour was second to none. She was indeed a queen……our Nubian Queen. Can we ever have such a precious gem as our First Lady again? Surely not. There is only one Maryam and there can only ever be one. She is the rose of the great River Niger, the resplendant and everlasting lily in it’s early morning glory. Her love, her warmth, her radiance and her encouraging smiles will speak to all resoundingly till the end of time.

She was a true Nubian of noble birth, our very own Nefertiti. Blessed were you sir to have had her as your dear wife and blessed were we as a nation to have had the honour of having her as our Queen. May her gentle soul continue to reside with the heavenly stars, may she continue to rest in perfect peace and may the great and noble legacy that she helped to build continue to go from strength to strength. The whole nation stands with you today sir and honours the memory of our First Lady. She continous to live in our hearts and minds and there she shall live forever. God bless and be with you sir and may the balm of Gilead heal your wounds and continue to give you strength. Shalom.?