Sir Tafawa Balewa

In view of the Covid 19 scourge this is the time for us to look within, to pray to our God, to gather our strength and to preach love, unity and peace.

However that does not mean that we should act as if all was well before the arrival of the demon called Covid in our shores. It does not mean that we should close our eyes to the bitter truths of our pitiful condition and statehood and our insufferable and seemingly insurmountable predicaments or take them off the ball.

It does not mean that we should forget about our quest to break the heavy chains that have held us bound and turn our backs on the quest to liberate our people.

The coronavirus has come and in God’s name and time it will go. It’s ugly and unwelcome prescence does not mean that we should close our eyes to the monumental problems of our country and lose sight of the seemingly insurmountable challenges that we as a people are facing.

This is all the more so when we are saddled with a Federal Government and a President who have proved to be more incompetent, clueless and ineffectual than ANY other in our entire history and who appear to have an unnatural love for cows and an incredulous affinity with Islamist terrorists.

Gen Aguiyi Ironsi

Due to the countless calls and numerous enquiries that I have received over the last few days, I am constrained to state clearly and unequivocally where I stand and what I consider to be the way forward for Nigeria. For the record those views are as follows.

Nigeria as a nation is no longer viable or tenable. It would take a miracle to keep us together as one for anything more than the next five years. Whether we like it or not, break-up is the future and unity is the past.

That is what I sense and that is what I see. And the truth is that that may well be the best thing for us all.

Too many innocent souls have been slaughtered over the last 106 years in the name of keeping Nigeria one and too many are being killed and persecuted today for the same nebulous and moribund cause.

General Yakubu Gowon

Outside of that, can there be any understanding between one that believes that he alone has the power over the future and destiny and over life and death and that boastfully proclaims that he was “born to rule” and another that he considers to be nothing more than a “worthless slave”?

Can there be any love between a cruel, barbaric, retrograde, barren, callous and unrepentant “master” and a resourceful, refined, productive, generous, kind and civilised “servant” who refuses to bow to him or kiss his feet?

Can there be any fellowship between light and darkness? Can there be friendship between the children of God and the sons of Belial? Can anything wholesome and good come out of being unequally yoked?

Can you put a lion and a hyena in the same cage and expect a benign result? Can a tiger and a vulture live together in peace?

Can the bold and noble eagle and a cold-blooded and murderous snake walk as one? Can a vicious and heartless scorpion sleep in the same pen as a harmless and loving lamb? Can a ravenous and hungry wolf live in peace with Little Red Riding Hood?

Gen. Murtala Muhammad

The answer to all these profound, fundamental, germane, philosophical and soul-searching questions is a resounding NO!

The ethnic nationalities and zones of our country must and will exercise their inalienable and lawful right of self-determination in due course. For us this is a response to what we consider to be an existential threat and a matter of survival.

That is the future that the overwhelming majority of Nigerians in the younger generation hope and pray for and it is only a matter of time before it comes to pass.

The Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda of Usman Dan Fodio, Ahmadu Bello, Muhammadu Buhari and their collaborators and allies which has been rigorously, clinically, surreptitiously and ruthlessly implemented over the last 220 years cannot and shall not succeed. It has failed woefully and it has finally come to an abrupt end.

General Olusegun Obasanjo

The old British contraption and vassal state known as Nigeria is dead and buried. We are about to enter into a new, prosperous, fruitful and exciting era which will witness the emergence of between two to five new and independent sovereign nations, the total emancipation of our people and the final establishment of liberty, freedom and justice for all.

To our collective oppressors and their powerful friends and allies in high places we say the following: you cannot keep us together against our will and by the force of arms and you shall not subject us to another one hundred years of tyranny, slavery, wickedness, savagery, barbarity, cruelty, humiliation and bestiality.

We would rather die a thousand deaths than acquiese to your evil designs and bow to your unconciable subjugation.

After Lady Corona leaves our shores we shall continue the struggle. And be rest assured that at the end of it all, by the grace and power of the Living God and He that holds the world together by the power of His word, we shall prevail.