They say that the only people that can really hurt you are those that you love. It therefore follows that the most important thing for anyone to do is to guard his or her heart and emotions with vigour and with wisdom. For once love is truly given, especially when it is given freely and quickly, and once emotions are deeply stirred and hearts touched at the mere whisper of a tongue, it is very rarely reciprocated or appreciated. More often than not unmerited love and unwarranted favour is treated with utter contempt and secret disdain. It is abused, scorned, taken for granted, taken advantage of, wounded, despised, betrayed, used and eventually rejected and dumped. Yet when love is truly appreciated and properly returned, it is the most precious and powerful gift in the entire universe.

Therefore seek out true love and search for it diligently and far but never give it out too easily. For it is like money: the easier it is acquired, the easier it is for it to be spent and thrown away. Yet for those that have much love to give, I urge you, please do not despair: rather save it, nurture it, cultivate it and make it whole. For one day and from somewhere the one that God has created especially for you shall surely appear. And when that day comes, as come it surely must, it is bliss and joy eternal with none, yes none, to spare.