The strength of a man resides not in his body but rather in his will and in his spirit. It cannot be measured by the size of his muscles but rather in his ability to be resilient, disciplined, courageous, honourable, longsuffering, patient, loving, kind and utterly fearless. In every situation and in all circumstances that life throws his way he is not moved or perturbed but rather he remains strong and bold, encouraging others, keeping hope alive: he is as constant as the northern star.

Again true strength can only be discerned in the eyes of a man and not in his height or in the power of his arms and legs: it rests in his heart and and it is bolstered and fuelled by his faith in God. Had it been otherwise David would have been crushed by Saul and Goliath. Had it not been so Jerusalem would have fallen before Sennacherub.