I thank you for your post because you and those in the north that think like you have provided an excellent advert and reflected the urgent need for the establishment of an Oduduwa and Biafra Republic.

That is why I chose to post your insulting, arrogant, provocative, intemperate, disrespectful, foul, specious, pernicious, cowardly and disjointed verbiage and your vain-glorious poppy-cock and utter nonsense on my wall.

It also provided me with the opportunity to respond to you and those amongst your leaders that commissioned you and sent you to insult us because they were too lily-livered and cowardly to do so themselves.

You talk about war so lightly and glibly and seek to mock and threaten us with it.

Iba Gani Adams, Are ona kakanfo of Yoruba Land

You forget that your northern people have always fought wars riding on the backs of others and have never allowed their own territory to be used as a theater for a full scale conflict and open warfare or the killing fields.

This time around it may be very different because the war that you threaten, crave and dream of will be brought to your very doorsteps and fought in your territory and for the first time in our history you will have no-one’s back to ride on, no slavish allies, no surreptitious alliances, no-one to help you and no-one to turn to.

You dare to open your stinking and dirty kola-nut filled mouth and insult our southern and Middle Belt people and our revered traditional rulers and religious and political leaders.

No doubt, given the fact that your leader Buhari is in power and you believe that he owns Nigeria and all the “palliative money” that we are “begging for”, you will get away with it.

Asari Dokubo

Yet know this: nothing lasts forever and the time to glorify yourself, your people and your great power will soon be over.

Worse still, history proves that your people have never been and I daresay will never be true warriors and they know little about real warfare or indeed how to fight.

They are not warriors but bullies and cowards who for hundreds of years have done nothing but prey on the vulnerable, the defenceless, the trusting and the weak. They know how to murder the poor and the innocent by stealth and subterfuge in the darkness of the night but they do not know how to fight in open daylight and when it is, as the Italians say, “mano a mano”.

They only know how to slaughter and rape innocent women and children and butcher defenceless and harmless men. They are only good at bullying and intimidating the vulnerable and the weak and killing men, women and children in the sanctity of their Churches and homes.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of IPOB

During our civil war they did not really fight. That is a fact. All the fighting was done for them. They often fled the war front and ran back with their tail between their legs to the core north and those amongst them that stood and fought were more often than not cut to pieces.

If they had been left to face the Biafrans on their own and if they did not have the backing if the South West, the Mid-West and the Middle Belt they would have been crushed and sent back to Futa Jalon where they came from and crawled back into the dirty holes from where they emanated. They and all their leaders and rulers.

No one wants or is looking for trouble and we in the south and Middle Belt cherish and value peace. However if you insist on doing so let the war that you are threatening us with begin and we will see who will run away.

Let it begin and we will see who has cowardice in their DNA between those of us that are committed to the struggle for the liberation of our people and your weak and cowardly leaders who seek to hold us down in perpetual slavery, subjugation and bondage.

Ralph Uwazurike, Leader of MASSOB

If you do not want war tell your people to stop their Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda and to stop killing defenceless Christians and innocent southern and Middle Belt Nigerians.

If they do not stop, somewhere down the line and perhaps a few years from now, war is inevitable and the only thing they will see is death, blood, fire, terror and mutilated corpses. It will be like hell on earth.

The only thing they will hear is the cry of infants and the wailing of women. The only thing they will smell is the fire and brimstone of hell and the stench and filth of well-fed vultures and hyenas.

We pray this will never happen but that is what they are toying with and it is very dangerous. When and if we are ever attacked we will defend ourselves vigorously and effectively. Kindly expect no less because no-one has the monopoly of violence.

Gen. TY Danjuma Rtd.

War is a great evil and a terrible thing but to fight it in defence of our people and for the noble cause of liberation and freedom is a matter of honor and duty.

Those of us that are leaders from the South and the Middle Belt do not want war and neither do we call for it. We deplore violence and, unlike you and yours, our weapons are our words, our vision, our faith and our ideas and not guns, bombs, bullets and cutlasses or bows and arrows.

However if war is ever forced or foisted on us by your misguided, reckless, adventurous, hegemonic, expansionist and bellicose hordes and if we are ever attacked as a people, as a faith, as a region or as a zone we will not shy away from it and we will not crawl and bow down before you or take it like cowardly and faithless unbelievers.

Be rest assured that in that situation and faced with such a grave provocation and premeditated and willful affront we will fight back and resist you with every fibre of our being and with the awesome and irresistable power of our God.

Governor Jonah Jang

Know that our God, who is the creator of heaven and earth, the Lord of the universe, the Ancient of Days, the God of all flesh and the Lord of Hosts, is a man of war. If we are put in a corner and forced to do so we will give as good as we get and you will get worse than you can possibly handle or imagine.

Your barbaric and psychopathic attempt to ethnically cleanse, wipe out, inflict genocide, propagate mass murder, enslave and subjugate the people of the south and the Middle Belt and force us all to our knees, break our spirit and will and intimidate us into silence with your childish threats and promises of war will fail.

Worse still your sociopathic and barbarous actions and your constant and inexplicable recourse to violence and threats come with a heavy price and, if you do not desist, will undoubtedly result in the greatest carnage and catastrophy and the kindling and igniting of the most horrific cauldron of fire that the world has ever known.

Bishop Mattew Kukah

Sadly due to your recklessness, grave miscalculations and insatiable bloodlust millions may end up dying and this would be unfortunate and regrettable.

Kindly be warned: it is better to tread the path of peace and caution. You would do well to go and tell those that sponsored and encouraged you to send this brazen and unprovoked threat to us not to try their luck or push us too far.

We crave for peace and we desire it above all else but that peace will not be at the expense of our dignity, future, liberty, honor and freedom.

We will either break your evil yoke of servitude, slavery and bondage or we will die trying. Honor and decency demands no less.

We will either have a Nigeria where ALL, regardless of faith or ethnic nationality, are equal before God and the law, or will have NO Nigeria at all. If such an equitable notion or noble and just aspiration enrages you and provokes you to war then so be it. We are waiting for you!”

(Femi Fani-Kayode)