“Those that are calling for restructuring are looking for appointment. When they say they want restructuring what they mean is that they want an appointment……. some people told us Nigeria is a “geographical expression” although it was not even original to them”- Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

Your Excellency,

I trust that you are well despite the fact that your principal is still at large.

Permit me to take this opportunity to respond to your gratutious insult and your irresponsible and irreverant assertion about those of us that have been at the forefront of the fight for restructuring our nation for many years.

However before doing so I shall make a few observations and assertions of my own.

You have constantly condemned and warned against what you call “hate speech” in our nation yet you indulge in it more than anyone else.

I say this because you constantly call others, particularly members of the opposition, “looters” and you take pleasure on demonising them before the world even before a court of law has pronounced them guilty of any wrongdoing.

You also call them “plunderers”, “liars”, “clueless” and “destroyers”. If this is not hate speech then I really don’t know what is!

You have stigmatised and criminalised every single leading member of the opposition PDP, including our leader President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, over the last three years and you have sought to paint us as reprobates and evil souls that are not fit to hold public office and that have destroyed the very foundation of our country.

One of your most prominent and vocal sympathisers, supporters and leaders even called President Jonathan’s wife, our former First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, an ugly and illiterate hippopotamus! Are these sentiments not motivated by pure hate?

Yet you know very well that all that you and your associates have said about the PDP and our leaders is not only a lie from the pit of hell but also a carefully crafted, purposely contrived and premeditated false narrative.

Worse still you are fully aware of the fact that over sixty percent of your party elders and APC governors, ministers, legislators and public office holders were, up until three or four years ago, all elders, leaders and members of the PDP, including President Olusegun Obasanjo and Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

If the PDP was so bad why did you give those that came from there such prominent positions and key roles to play at both the state and federal level before, during and after the presidential election of 2015?

You claim that those that are calling for restructuring are only doing so in order to get an appointment. You measure others by your own squalid standards and you do nothing but take shameless dictation from a tiny cabal of faceless shape-shifting reptilians, corpsocrats, bloodsucking demons and vampires.

You cover up their atrocities and you endorse their wicked ways and their evil persecution.
You have forgotten who you are and where you are coming from.

From the outset and as far back as the early 1940’s the Yoruba particularly, and indeed the people of the south generally, have wanted and fought for nothing but a restructured Nigeria where power is devolved from the center and now you insult those that support it and pooh pooh the whole idea.

As a Christian you have joined forces with those that hate your faith and that have sought to denigrate it and wipe it off the face of the earth.

Those that are behind this hideous and satanic agenda are not even real or true Muslims but rather they are Islamic fundamentalists and believers in radical and political islam.

They call their fellow Muslims who do not share their radical and bigoted views “infidels” simply because they believe that religion is a personal issue which must never be brought into or used in partisan politics and simply because they are prepared to support a non-Muslim for the Presidency or indeed any other political office.

Your new found friends and those you front for hate Christians and they hate real Muslims. Yet you do not care about this deviant disposition as long as you are given the opportunity by them to remain in office even though they treat you like filth and they regard you as nothing more than a mere quisling, puppet and puffed up, highly celebrated “national co-ordinator”.

What a sorry impasse you have brought us to. We had hoped that you would be a man and stand up like one whilst your “father” was away trying to recover from his ill-health and many afflictions in London but this was not to be.

Nigeria is crumbling right under your feet and falling apart because you have refused to rise up to the occassion, muster the required strength and moral authority to set things right and build bridges of fraternity and friendship and ensure that there is justice and fairness to all in the land.

Under you no Fulani herdsmen have been arrested. Under you Boko Haram has gone from bad to worse. Under you the Arewa Youth threatened a whole ethnic race with eviction and genocide yet none of them were arrested.

Under you the Yoruba youth have said they do not want restructuring anymore but what they want is secession. Under you IPOB brought the whole of the south east to a stand-still and today they reign supreme in that region and zone.

Under you stage-managed pictures of our ailing President were put out with visiting governors which were proof of life but which did not ondicate whether he was mentally or physically well enoufh to come home and rule our nation. 90 days down the line and ww still dont know what is wrong with him and how much longer he will be away.

Not only has the President gone missing but even the presidential jet that took him to the UK and that was parked at Stanstead
Airport waiting for him for the last three months has now reportedly also gone missing.

Ours has become an international shame and we are now the laughing stock of the world because you find it very hard to tell us the truth. Even CNN and the Washington Post, your good friends that helped to bring you to power, are now mocking you.

Yet you do not care and you continue to act as if all is well. Are you not provoking the Living God? Did the respected General Overseer of your Church, the Redeemed Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adegboye (a profoundly good man who is undoubtedly one of God’s endtime generals) not teach you that a heavy price will be paid by those who join forces with the Amalekites to hurt, wound, crush and destroy the children of light and the sons and daughters of promise?

What is your fear and what is the source of your cowardice. Can light overcome darkness? Did David not survive the wilderness? Did he not survive the brutal onslaught of Saul, the rebellion of his own son Absalom and the vicious attacks of the Phillistines?

Did he not defeat and destroy Goliath and redeem the honor of the children of Israel and the Living God? Is that God dead to you now?

Whose report do you believe? Do you believe the report of the Lord ot the report of man?
He who created the eyes and the ears, can He no longer see and hear? Is the arm of the Lord too short to defend and deliver?

Is there anything too big or too difficult for our GOD? Is He that created the universe and who chose to make the earth His footstool so weak that He cannot honor His word and deliver His people?

The truth is that if you fail to do the right thing and you turn your back on Him and His purpose, He will spew you out and find another that will effect His purpose and will in our country. We are not inbyour hands but in His.

Mordecai told Esther this over three thousand years ago and I am telling you the same thing today.

If you neeed to be reminded about the veracity and efficacy of the Holy scriptures when it comes to the truisms and strictures of leadership and governance and you are reluctant to hear them from your spiritual father because you are ashamed of the fact that you have gone astray then please do the following.

Ask for a secret audience with either Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Prophet T.B. Joshua, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, Apostle Suleman, Bishop Danson, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Bishop B.O. Ezekiel or any of the other great men of God in our nation who will undoubtedly have the courage and the conviction to tell you what the Lord is saying and the bitter truth.

You need help and you need it fast. The politicians cannot help you now and neither can your new-found friends on the corridors of power or your beleaugered, divided and dying party the APC. Only the Living God can help you.

It is so bad that you did and said nothing when your fellow Redeemed Pastor (who happened to be a woman) was slaughtered right under your nose in Abuja recently. You did not even attend her burial.

Instead of doing the right thing and soothing frayed nerves you are encouraging division in our nation and you are consolidating and perpetuating a ruthless and heartless quasi-apartheid system of government which has no basis in deceny, rationality, justice or fairness.

It is a cruel and barbaric system which sees a few as the master race and the rest as slaves. Given all this how can you possibly live with yourself and how can you hold your head up high?

You join common slaves and ride on horseback whilst you condemn and confine the princes of the realm and the sons and daughters of the Most High God to walk around barefooted.

This is not only sacrilage but it is indeed a great evil under the sun. May god forgive you and may He deliver you before it is too late.

All those that said that we should have faith in the APC and the Acting President should carefully meditate on and consider his words and categorisation of those who believe in retructuring and self-determination.

He says that they are just looking for an appointment. Permit me to ask the following questions.

Is it the leaders of the south, Afenifere, Ohaeneze and the Niger Delta that are looking for appintments? Or is it the leaders of the Middle Belt?

Is it Baba Fasoranti, Baba Ayo Adebanjo, General Alani Akinrinade, Chief Amos Akingba, Bishop Gbonigi, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi or Chief Olu Falae?

Is it Chief John Nwodo, Governor Victor Ezeife or Chief Arthur Nwankwo? Is it Chief E.K. Clark, Chief Solomon Asemota SAN or Chief Albert Horsefall?

Is it General TY Danjuma, General Dogonyaro or General Zamani Lekwot? Is it Atiku Abibakar who was the Vice President that you are today 18 years ago?

Is it the respected Baba Bisi Akande who has been calling for us to go back to the 1963 regional structure and form of government? Is it General Ibrahim Babangida who was Head of State 32 years ago?

What appointment can you or Buhari possibly offer any of them at their age and with their wealth of knowledge and experience? Why should you measure these distinguished and respected people, most of whom are old enough to he your father, by your own sordid standards?

The other day you stood at a public function and clapped heartily when our father and leader President Olusegun Obasanjo said that the way to stop the Biafran agitation was to offer the Igbo people a slice of cake?

Does that make sense to you? Is this whole thing about cake and appointments as far as people like you are concerened?

Why do you seen to take pleasure in denigrating those that do not belive in a natuon that has all the powers of government concentrated at the center and that has dashed the hopes and dreams of millions?

Nigeria was meant to be a federation and not a unitary state with a federal facade! Have you forgotten that today simply because you are Vice President to Buhari?

Does Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the man that brought you into politics and that single-handedly made you Vice President, agree with you on this? Does he also believe that everyone thwt believes in restructuring is just looking for an appointment?

If so that would be very curious because he once believed in it and we used to discuss it extensively when we were closer. I am sure that at some point he would have lectured you on its merits and rudiments.

Honestly you have lost it completely. You have betrayed your people and jettisoned their cause. You have ignored their call for justice and equity and you have turned a deaf ear to their cry for deliverance.

Some will call you a shamelss coward but I will not go that far out of respect for your office. I am however constrained to say that I have lost the great respect that I once had for you.

Like the biblical Demas you have turned your back on your primary calling and you have gone the other way.

You have been seduced and overwhelmed by a Demastic annointing. You have fallen in love with the awesome power of governance at the Villa and all wordly things.

In short you are a self-serving modern-day Afonja who will eventually be consummed by those who he has joined forces with to destroy his own people and the children of the Living God. Thus sayest the Lord.

My regards to your family Your Excellency and kindly convey my warmest greetings and special felicitations to your brother “Jebi” who I am very fond of and was very friendly with whilst at London University in the early 1980’s. Shalom.


  1. What type of moderation is going on with my post? . Does this man deserve any respect? . Where was this stupid, idiot, and lacy man when the last administration engaged in impunity in all ramifications? Our common wealth which they share then blindfolded him to raise the he now champion. Nigerians should ignore this man absolutely.

  2. I am sick and tired of this corrupted former so-called Minister , who the hell do he thinks he’s ?
    He always puts himself on a high horse with all hyperpols Nonsense . Don’t pay him any attention , he has no iota left of respect .

  3. This guy called femi fani-kayode is sick and he should be taken to Yaba by the left. His father was like that anyway. I just wonder how nothing good comes out of his mouth. He’s a fool of the highest level

  4. FANI you are a model, you are an institution, you are also one of the Nathans of our time. May the Almighty God keep you. One more thing you forget to remind Osibanjo is an Igbo adage which says “Onweghi iheoma iga- emere nwa enyi gi nwanyi ka okpoo gi nna ya” which means no matter how much you try to satisfy your mistress’ son, he will never call you papa from the bottom of his heart. Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan are living witnesses to this.

  5. What has he said that’s not what’s on ground? The way he puts it may not be acceptable to some but fact is fact
    Why must we continue to tolerate the set back to restructuring to continue because a section of the country can’t think of what to do with themselves if it’s allowed
    The agitation must continue and we surely need ppl like Fani kayode to remind the Ag president to be courageous


    The rejection of restructuring, true federalism and devolution of power to states by Nigerian National Assembly (the Senate and House of Representatives portends many grave and practical implications, dangers and consequences for the peace, unity and continued existence of Nigeria as sovereign state on the face of the earth.

    The Nigerian National Assembly, by voting against restructuring, true federalism and devolution of powers to states has demonstrated that it does not represent the wishes and aspirations of millions of Nigerians, whom they claim to represent.

    The rejection vote tantamounts to loss of a golden opportunity by the legislators who are representatives of the people supposedly at resolving the plethora of economic, social and political challenges plaguing Nigeria through dialogue and negotiation.

    With the rejection of dialogue and negotiation as a means of solving Nigeria’s many problems, there is no doubt that the many groups agitating in the Niger Delta and Igbo land as well as other parts of the country now have moral justification to continue with their struggles and agitations against injustice and many imbalances at the heart and soul of the Nigerian state and only God knows where this would take Nigeria.

    The Nigerian National Assembly, by shooting down an opportunity at resolving the key contentious issues at the heart of many agitations in Nigeria through dialogue and negotiation, has only succeeded in providing more arms and ammunition to the agitators to continue to wage their agitations in a more violent and deadly proportion capable of destroying Nigeria, a nation that is at its precipice already.

    So far, according to the Sun Newspaper of Nigeria, Nine groups in the South East have declared their resolve to no longer participate in ‘Nigerian events’ Following the National Assembly’s shooting down of devolution of powers to states.

    The groups, led by the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA), rose from an emergency meeting in Enugu last weekend, saying there would be no election in the region if the country was not restructured.

    Also, a group that identifies itself as Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM), in a swift and angry response to the rejection of restructuring of Nigeria by the NASS, calls for “immediate dissolution of Nigeria and vows to actualize the creation of Oduduwa Republic for the Yoruba.

    Below is an excerpt from their press release conveying their strong call for immediate dissolution of Nigeria:

    “We call on the United Nations, (UN) to immediately put the machinery in motion for the immediate dissolution of Nigeria. Set the captives free. If Nigeria fails to heed this advice to dissolve the unholy and cruel union, the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the blood sucking nation will have themselves to blame.”

    There is no doubt that the rejection of restructuring, true federalism and devolution of powers to states will lead to a resurgence of violent agitations in the oil-rich Niger Delta of Nigeria and this always come in form of attacks on oil and gas facilities and installations in the region with attendant negative and crippling effects on Nigerian economy as it has to do with inflow of revenue from oil and gas export to other countries to run affairs of Nigeria as state.

    By voting against restructuring, true federalism and devolution of powers to states of Nigeria, the Nigerian National Assembly (NASS) has missed a golden opportunity to save Nigeria from economic collapse. This sad and unfortunate vote by the NASS if not revised, marks the beginning of the end for Nigeria economically and politically.

    Rejection of restructuring, true federalism and devolution of powers to states, implies that the economic challenges and financial misfortune being faced by states as it has to do with their inability to pay salaries of civil servants and run affairs of government will worsen and take a very dangerous dimension as time goes by .

    This means that states and local governments in Nigeria will need more ‘BAILOUT FUNDS’ and ‘PARIS CLUBS REFUNDS’ from federal government of Nigeria. Unfortunately, the federal government is no longer a BAILOUT GIVER BUT A BAILOUT BEGGAR as it is aggressively involved in borrowing money from domestic and international financial institutions to run affairs of state.

    Many countries of the world are announcing their plans to stop using refined petroleum products as major source of energy to power their automobiles and other machines as they are already manufacturing electric cars that do not use refined petroleum products to operate.

    Nigerian parliament, by voting against restructuring, true federalism and devolution of powers to states that would make it constitutionally possible for them to harness and apply all economic resources in their domains for development without relying on revenue from sales of crude oil by the federal government, has finalized the burial arrangement for Nigeria economically when crude oil will no longer be a viable economic product in the international market.

    The vote against restructuring is a vote against economic productivity, creativity, independence and development on the part of states in Nigeria. It is a vote for more economic misfortune, borrowing, backwardness, laziness and underdevelopment and all these will translate further into more economic misery, hardship, deprivation, diseases and death on the part of already economically maligned and suffering masses of Nigeria.

    Nigeria’s Senate president, Bukola Saraki has said that “mistrust triggered by hate speeches caused rejection of the devolution of power bill”.

    Saraki’s assertion is a veil reference to the insinuation making the rounds that legislators from the core North of Nigeria along with many of their counterparts from the Middle Belt or North Central Nigeria, voted against restructuring and devolution of power to states due to the anger in the North over Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB’s agitation for Biafra.

    Although Saraki had said the National Assembly will re-visit the bill on devolution of power, the reality is that tempers are high in many parts of Nigeria as a result of rejection of the bill and a number of groups and organizations are already threatening to secede from Nigeria, saying that it is too late to restructure the country and also coupled with the fear that any attempt at restructuring Nigeria will be hijacked by the Fulani core North with a view to ensuring its outcome uphold many of the imbalances and instrument of injustice in favour of the Fulani core North at the expense of the South and Middle Belt.

    The coming days, weeks and months will tell the fate of Nigeria as it has to do with her continued existence as a sovereign state following the resurgence of agitations and many separatist groups as a result of rejection of restructuring by the Nigerian National Assembly dominated and controlled by the Fulani North and their allies and whether the Fulani North will be able to continue holding Nigeria by the jugular without restructuring in the face of injustice in its favour in the name of ‘ONE NIGERIA’.


    In its usual display of baseless opposition, rancor, irrationality, rashness and illogicality to the loud calls for Nigeria’s restructuring, the Arewa Consultative Forum met recently in Northern Nigeria and released the obnoxious and poignant statement below:

    “Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) wish to lend its voice to the debate as to whether or not to restructure the Federation of Nigeria”.

    “However, ACF has observed with regret that in most cases, the discussions are taking place without regard to our present democratic structure, as the issues are in some cases presented as “demands” by one group or the other.

    “Unfortunately, in most cases they are followed up by some ultimatum to the government to accept or face deadly consequences.

    “It should be clear to all the agitators that restructuring a complex, big and diverse country as Nigeria is a serious business that must take account of the views of all its citizens, and not just of those that shout the loudest”.

    “More so, such discussions must be free of threats, intimidation or blackmail from any group or individual.

    “A genuine restructuring must therefore be just, fair and equitable to all”.

    “Furthermore, it must strengthen our democracy, unity, peace and development of the Nigerian components”.

    “ACF therefore calls for a due process through our present democratic structures rather than just crass agitation, if we are to achieve ‘true’ federalism”.


    Above statement amounts to empty rants and cacophonies from a frustrated group that is unhappy that its decades of unfair and unjust grip and dominance over the rest of Nigeria are about to end.

    The core North of Nigeria MUST realize that the years it held Nigeria to ransom and perpetrated many acts of injustice against the South and Middle Belt are over.

    It CAN NO LONGER hold Nigeria by the jugular.

    The core North does not need to tell the rest of Nigeria that:

    “A genuine restructuring must therefore be just, fair and equitable to all”.

    “Furthermore, it must strengthen our democracy, unity, peace and development of the Nigerian components”.

    We know all these (above). Let us kick-start the process of restructuring Nigeria now without further delay and rigmarole.

    The old status quo anchored on injustice, cheating, milking of economic resources of the South, threat, insults, intimidation, force, violence and killing is over.

    The core North has two options: either to agree to Nigeria’s total economic and political restructuring now or accept the painful and sad reality that the rest of Nigeria MUST be on their own.

    For me, restructuring and true federalism are about economic and political autonomy and constitutional instrument that will make it possible for the 36 states of the Nigerian federation to tap their God’s given economic resources in their domains, pay taxes to the Federal Government in Abuja and develop their domains according to their economic capacities.

    It is about being productive economically; about development, economic capacity, competition and responsibility.

    Current warped federalism being practised by Nigeria is anchored on sharing and consumption of oil revenue from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria by the 36 states and FCT, Abuja.

    What is wrong in asking the 36 states of the federation to stop being beggarly and become productive economically and develop according to their economical capacities?

    What is wrong in asking the states of the federation to stop behaving like infant babies being fed by their mothers with feeding bottles?

    What is wrong in advocating that states in Nigeria should stop relying on monthly oil revenue allocation from Abuja?

    What is wrong in empowering Zamfara state with the constitutional power to tap gold and lead (thereby preventing death of innocent indigenes engaged in illegal mining from lead poisoning) available in its territory and use the proceeds from its sale to develop and stop begging for monthly oil revenue from Abuja?

    What is wrong in empowering Ondo state to harness huge deposit of bitumen available in its territory, sell same; pay tax to the central government, use the remaining money to develop itself and help Nigeria save billions of Naira spent on importation of bitumen annually?

    Is there any crime in empowering Edo state to tap limestone in its northern territory, establish cement factories and create jobs for its teaming unemployed youths and export cement to other countries of the world and earn foreign currencies?

    Is there any qualms in demanding that Nigerian states should take their economic fortunes and destinies in their hands and stop crying and disturbing the serenity and ambience supposed to be enjoyed by Nigerians over their economic misfortune, misery and inability to pay salaries of civil servants and attend to affairs of governance?

    What is wrong with asking states in Nigeria to become useful to themselves and Nigeria as a country by being economically productive and stop being economically unproductive and useless?

    I do not believe that restructuring and true federalism require high highfalutin words and insults being unleashed on the rest of Nigeria by the people of the core North of Nigeria.

    Yinka Odumakin, spokesman of Afenifere, has said it all when he stated recently that “a key reason there is so much opposition to restructuring is that some people (core Northerners) are reaping from where they did not sow”.

    It is however instructive to conclude that the core North LACKS THE POLITICAL, MILITARY AND ECONOMIC CAPACITIES to sustain its opposition to calls for Nigeria’s restructuring and entrenchment of true federalism in the 21st century and continue to run Nigeria anchored on injustice like it had done for over five decades. The earlier they knew the times have changed, the better for them.

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