The most important thing in life is to make your mark and to be guided by God in all that you do. Let your prayer be that God’s purpose for your life be established and do not settle for mediocrity but rather aspire to reach the stars.

Fight courageously to achieve your rightful place in the pantheon of greats with all its attendant power and glory and let no man silence u or put you down.
Be humble and at peace with all men of goodwill yet fear none and yield not to any. Be strong and firm in all that you do, knowing that no man and no circumstance has any power over you or over your life and no situation, not even persecution, torture, betrayal, misrepresentation, lack or even sheer envy and hatred, can separate you from the love of the Lord.
It is God alone that you must fear and it is He alone that determines the destinies of nations and the fate of men. Hold on to Him and look to Him always for others will fail you but He alone will never fail you. By Him and with His power you will always pull through,u will always overcome and u will always get to the top. How great and faithful and true He is.
Thank God that we are all His children and in Him lies our strength and our hope.