You are filled with God’s word and His Holy Spirit. I see His light shining forth from within you. It is tangible and clear. It brings with it God’s grace and mercy and the hope of abundant life and restoration. It is bright and irresistable and darkness and failure and shame and fear disappear and flee before it. You bring joy and peace and blessings and victory wherever you go and the soft and beckoning sounds of laughter and merriment follow you wherever you tread your precious feet. You smell of fresh spring flowers: the rose of sharon and the lily of the valley.

Your crown flows with God’s precious oil of anointing and your body glows and shines and drips with the balm of Gilead: you bring healing and life and hope to bruised emotions and buried souls. You are, undoubtedly, my most precious jewel and one day I will clothe you in gold and adorn you with diamonds and rubies and sapphires and pearls. Your crown shall be encrusted with topaz and emeralds and your fingers and toes shall be laden with platinum and silver.
This because you have shown me love and kindness and you have chosen to have faith in me. You are my most precious jewel: you make my soul sing and at the sound of your voice my heart beat quickens and my spirit comes alive. Nothing and no-one can replace you. You are eternal to me: forever my most precious jewel. May God bless and prosper you now and always and may His holy angels guard and protect you and all that is yours both night and day.