The first is that without God there is nothing and with God there is everything. The second is that if you help ten people in life count yourself lucky if one returns to say thank you and count yourself lucky if only one of the ten betrays you. The third is that you must trust no-one because it is those that are closest to you that will hurt you the most. The fourth is that you must never write off or despise anyone no matter how bad their situation because you don’t know what they may become tomorrow.

The fifth is that you cannot afford not to help your friends and you cannot afford not to fight your enemies. The sixth is that true knowledge and insight is gained not by the best secular education or even by life’s many experiences but rather it is gained by divine revelation. The seventh and final lesson is that you must conquer your fears and no matter what you are going through, be positive, be happy and hold on to your faith in God knowing that He that created you is quietly working His purpose out for your life and He will never forsake or leave you either in this life or in the life to come. Seven is the number of perfection so let me stop there but if you can hold on to these seven home truths you will go far in life and nothing will hold you down.