Today (26th of November) is Thanksgiving Day in America and we rejoice and felicitate with our American and American- based friends. And it is no wonder that the United States is truly blessed by God. A nation, which from the very start, set a day aside as a day of national thanksgiving to the Most High God and to the Ancient of Days cannot possibly go wrong. The pilgrim fathers laid a solid christian foundation for America right from the outset and they were followed by great men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln who later built a great nation on that great foundation.

George Washington once said “you cannot rule without God and the bible” and of course he was right. That is indeed the secret to America’s success and that is her strength and spiritual foundation: a nation that was built up from and prayed into existence by the pilgrim fathers and the word of God. Since then and hundreds of years later America has clearly drifted from God and moved away from the original vision of it’s founding fathers. There is no doubt that the solid spiritual foundation that the pilgrim fathers once laid has suffered a deep crack. Something has gone terribly wrong. For example in America today homosexuality is a constitutional right, men can marry men and women can marry women.

In America today hundreds of thousands of innocent children are murdered and sacrificed every day to the demon god called Molech in the name of “a womans right to choose” and clinical abortion. In America today satanic temples are constructed and established and the devil is openly worshipped and reverred. In America today prayer has been banned from public schools and all manner of idolatory, spiritual harlotry, licentiousness, sexual immorality and utter evil thrive in the name of a permissive society, the new age religion and secularism. This is a sad indictment of what America has turned into today and a total negation of the original vision of the pilgrim fathers.

However despite this obvious degeneration of values and despite the fact that she is now slowly turning her back on the God that made her into what she is today, America is still blessed in every way and is still dearly loved by God. She still remains the “land of the brave and the home of the free”. And whatever mistakes that the people and the leadership of America may have made in the recent past at least they have not forgotten to honour the God of Heaven on Thanksgiving Day. That much they continue to do and it is to be encouraged and commended. As a matter of fact every nation on earth should take a cue from that and do the same. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all our friends and kith and kin in America. Have a great day, God bless you all and God bless America.