WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON 21. 12. 2012?

Unlike many others I do not believe that the world will come to an end on December 21st 2012. However what worries me a little is that most of the major events that were ever prophesied about or spoken of by the ancient Mayan calender of thousands of years ago and again that were later prophesied and written about by the famouse astrologer and seer Nostradamus have all come to pass. This includes both World Wars 1 and 2, the tyranny of Adolf Hitler, the rise of Napolean Bonaparte and so many other major world events and rulers.

They have both also spoken about a terrible event that will occure on this planet on December 21, 2012. Yet despite that for me the most compelling aspect of all this is the fact that what we in christian circles call the “end times” where earthquakes, tsunamis, wars and rumours of war together with earth changing climate changes and so on and so forth will and indeed are already taking place before our very eyes. We are now undoubtedly in that period and literally anything can happen. The bible tells us that the end times or “end of days” will preceede the rapture, the rise of the anti-christ and the final coming of the Messiah and a lot of terrible things will happen during that period.

A study of the book of Revelations clearly shows us that the anti-christ himself will be a homosexual political leader that will emerge as the President of a new and very powerful European super state which will not only be the most powerful nation on the planet by that time but will also be the most powerful nation and empire that the world has ever known. It also talks about the Arabs of the Middle East, Russia (Magog), Persia and China together with a number of other powerful nations all of whom will eventually side with the antichrist and eventually attack and attempt to wipe out the State of Israel. Then will come the final battle and the mother of all battles- the battle of Armageddon- where the bible tells us that the Lord Himself will appear from the skies with the Hosts of Heaven and the dead in Christ and the antichrist and his world armies will be crushed, defeated and destroyed forever. This is prophetic and it is all going to happen sometime in the future but only the Lord Himself knows the exact day and time. Yet in all of this I just have one question: where is the United States of America in all this and where will she be by that time? America is not in any way mentioned or referred to in any of the endtime scriptures. She seems to have either completely disappeared or, at the very best, diminished into a minor power which is not even worthy of any mention in the book of Revelations. Could it be that something terrible had happened to America by that time that had literally caused her, or at least part of her, to have disappeared from the face of the earth? And before anyone thinks that this is a little far-fetched there is a precedent for this: there was once an ancient continent called Atlantis and the fact of the matter is that one day, thousands of years ago, something happened and it just disappeared without trace into the sea.

Archaelogical and anthropological evidence of the existence of Atlantis has been discovered on numerous occassions over the years and the fact that it once existed is irrefutable. Again could anyone have predicted or anticipated the kind of giant tsunamis and hurricaines that we are seeing and witnessing today on this planet just a few decades ago? What about the effect of global warming on the planet and particularly the polar caps? Could anyone have predicted that? Could the melting of those massive ice caps as a result of global warming be the cause of whatever may happen on that day? Worst still could it be a successful nuclear terrorist attack on America by a terrorist group or a rogue state? Could that thing, whatever it might be, take place on Dec. 21, 2012? I really don’t know what the answers are but all this is indeed food for thought. One thing I do believe however is that no responsible government would want people to know the truth if there was indeed any semblence or iota of truth in all this or if anything was really coming on that day because they would want to avoid panic and the spreading of mass hysteria and fear. Remember how the American government denied the alien Roswell landings in the 1950’s? That should be a pointer to the attitude of governments when it comes to such matters.