What is this world coming to? Firstly the French Culture Minister, Mitterand, admits to sleeping with boys and openly encourages paedophiles by saying that he gets excited and sexually aroused when he enters a room filled with young Thai boys. He actually wrote all that in his book.

He also said that he does not believe that the famouse film producer Roman Polanski should be arrested and prosecuted after he raped a 13 year old girl a number of years ago. This is a minister in the French government talking and the French President Nicholas Sarkozy has still not condemned him for it or sacked him. Again the President of the United States of America Barrack Obama is now appeasing and making concessions to the massive homosexual community in his country and is even prepared to repeal the act that defines a traditional marriage as a union between a man and a woman. In other words Obama is opening up the door for gay marriages. This level of liberalism, sexual immorality and sheer decadence is not only repugnant but it is also unchristian and ungodly. And I believe that it will soon attract God’s wrath upon America and the west if not the entire world. Even President Obama’s newly- appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands is openly gay and now the American President is also lifting all restrictions and limitations on gays serving openly in the U.S military.

It is no wonder that many are of the view that the west is slowly dying. It has lost all sense of decency and restraint and those with reprobate and shameless minds have taken over governance there. It is slowly turning into a Sodom and Gomorrah where anything goes. This is simply ungodly and totally unacceptable by any standard. Thank God that the real Christians, the political conservatives and particularly the evangelicals are fighting against this demonic trend in the west but it seems to me that they are fighting a losing battle. As a matter of fact they have already lost the war. Morally speaking the west is beyond redemption. I am utterly disgusted by this disgraceful course of events and I believe that if we insist on giving gays rights then we should also give rights to paedophiles and those that indulge in bestiality. The whole thing is just disgusting and unnatural. May God insulate and protect Nigeria from such evil. The truth is that the endtimes are really here. God help us all.
And why is Barrack Hussein Obama allowing such things to happen in America? Well I believe that I may have the answer to that. You see I have taken the time to study Obama’s core beliefs in detail. This man is a classical new age, liberal and essentially humanist thinker.

He is going to end up weakening and ultimately destroying America because he supports everything that I as an evangelical and conservative Christian completely rejects. Essentialy he does not accept or espouse the Christian ethos as you and I do. As a matter of fact he and those that think like him have absolutely no fear of God or what God stands for. They believe in a god that says anything goes as long as everyone is happy. He believes in abortion, stem cell research, gay rights, a passive foreign policy laced with appeasment, big government spending, religious ecumenism, same sex marriage and most important of all he seeks to water down and destroy what are essentially the core Christian values that built up America and made it what it is today, such as the concept of the family and the fact that a marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman.
As a black man and an African I am proud of the fact that Obama is the President of America and that he won the Nobel Peace Prize but at the same time I am deeply ashamed of what he is doing to America in terms of it’s moral values and liberalism. Oprah Winfrey and her demonic and deviant religious philosophies (which she stubbornly and erroneously claims are Christian philosophies but which in fact are gnostic and mystical new age ones) also plays a major role in his life and agenda(she refers to him as “the one”) and believe me spiritually there is a lot more to Obama than meets the eye. This is especially so when he speaks to a large gathering and when he is in a debate. He clearly has the power to mesmerize and cast spells when he addresses crowds, rather like Hitler did. He has cast his spell over America and the world and the source of that power and that “gift” is certainly not God. Do you think his winning the Nobel Peace Prize was just an ordinary thing that happened by chance? It most certainly was not. And neither was his extraordinary and inexplicable rise to power. There is a strange and dark force at work here. The Nobel committee themselves did not know why they did it and neither can they justify it or explain it to themselves, let alone to the world, up till now: something just came over them and that something is an extension, an emissary and a juxtaposition of the spirit of the Anti-Christ which actually thrives, flourishes and resides in old Europe today.

The world is now moving in another direction and it cannot be stopped because it is prophetic. Nothing can stop it because it has been written and God has allowed it. All that is happening today has been predicted accurately and prophesied in the book of Revelations in the Holy Bible. Those of you that are students and scholars of eschatology will know what I am talking about. So nothing that is happening should surprise us. Even the Muslims have sensed this great evil that is rising in the west and they know that it’s ultimate objective is to destroy the very concept of any higher power like God, remove the whole idea of religion from the world and then ultimately enthrone man himself as the god of the earth ,to be worshipped by all and sundry. And that man will be the son of perdition himself, the Anti- Christ. That is why Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise because they are also trying to resist this rising evil, just as we are, in order to preserve their way of life, their values and their fa├Čth. We are indeed in the end times and Obama is just a precursor. He is simply paving the way for the real beast that will eventually emerge as the undisputed leader of a new and all powerful federal Europe and the most powerful man that this world has or will ever know: that man is again, the son of satan, the anti-christ himself whose number will be 666.

There is one more assertion that is worth considering here and that is the erroneous impression that some misguided individuals have that some of the ancient, primitive and secret cults that are flourishing in some parts of Nigeria somehow constitute part of the new age movement which is now flourishing in Europe and America. Proponents of this assertion cite the existence of such cults as evidence of the fact that the new age is alive and well in Nigeria. Not only is this not true but to equate the Ogboni cult and the Rosicrutian order with the new age movement betrays a complete misunderstanding of what the new age is and reflects a complete underestimation of just how dangerous it can be. I would suggest, and strongly too, that the proponents of this naive assertion go and look up the definition of the new age movement before jumping to any conclusions. They can either google it or look it up in a good dictionary. It is not every form of paganism or manifestation of ignorance and idolatry that qualifies to have the new age label attached to it. Ogboni, Rosicrusians and the Ifa oracle etc are a primitive joke and an unsophisticated fringe practice when compared to the new age movement.
The new age, which seeks to usher in the freethinking age of aquarius is a lot more than sorcery and much bigger than any secret cult. It is deeply luciferian in nature and it has it’s own fixed philosophy and global objectives. It is far more dangerous and corrupting than some little fast dying village cult like the ogbonis. Yes they are all evil and they are all anti-christ but the new age is far more subtle and far more dangerous than the others. It is not just a religion or cult but rather it is an illicit and thouroughly demonic way of life which essentialy involves varying degrees of pure satanism, spiritism, divination, ritual homosexual sex, the invocation and conjuring up of demons through group sex and licentious orgies, the worship of “mother” earth, communication with and guidance from star beings, space aliens and u.f.o’s, pure magic, crystal gazing, the invocation and use of spirit guides, numerology and finally it espouses the humanist philosophies of the late ’60’s which essentially says that we ourselves “are gods”. It also espouses a political ethos that basically says anything goes and anything is allowed as long as everyone is happy and prosperous and as long as the earth and air is clean and free of global warming. It’s prophets and prophetesses are many but some of the more prominent are people like Benjamin Creme, Lord Maitreya (who uses occultic power to raise people from the dead and who lives in Rome), Shirley Maclain, Oprah Winfrey, Uri Gella, Al Gore and so many others. It is much bigger than the mere fetish activities that we see in Nigeria and it seeks to take over nations and continents and not just people. It seeks to change the course of world events and presents a direct challenge to the authencity of all monotheic faiths and even to the very existence of God. It’s origins are in celtic magic and eastern mysticism and certainly not in child- like and relatively primordial cults like Ogboni, the Rosicrusians, Abdul Rashin or Ifa. The new age movement is far more dangerous than that. It is the vehicle by which the anti-christ shall conquer and rule the world. We thank God that his rule shall only be temporary(the bible tells that he will rule for only seven years). We thank God for the coming “rapture” and for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who we know shall soon return in His full power and glory . We thank God that He will utterly destroy the anti-christ and that He will grant us final victory over him at the battle of Armageddon. We thank God for His Holy Word, His promise and for the scriptures, for they cannot be broken. Ultimately and despite all we see we need not fear for the final victory is ours. The Lord has already sealed it and the end of the anti-christ and all those who choose to stand with him has already been determined. Glory be to God. Shalom.