In reaction to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s promise to treat what he described as “hate speech” as terrorism Mr. Jackson Ude the publisher of Pointblank News said the following.

“APC thrived on hate speech between 2014-2015. Today that seed they sowed is haunting them. They now say it’s terrorism! Don’t be deceived. APC came to power by hate speeches, divided Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines, sowed seeds of discord and blamed PDP! Hypocrites!”

How apt and how courageous Mr. Ude’s assertion is. I could not have put it better myself.

President Muhammadu Buhari, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, National Chairman Chief John Odigie Oyegun and all the other leaders of the APC are indeed a bunch of self-serving deceivers and self-seeking hypocrites.

Worst of all they are the architects of terror and the fathers of hate!


When they rejected the notion that all Nigerians were born equal under one God it was not described as hate speech.

When they propounded the theory and engendered the philosophy that some Nigerians are more equal than others it was not described as hate speech.

When they called those that believe in restructuring “opporunists” and “political jobbers” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called those that believe in exercising their right of self-determinaion and that are struggling and fighting for equal rights, equal opportunities and the liberation and emancipation of their people “treasonous criminals”, “evil secessionists”, “irresponsible souls” and “godless rebels” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) “a bunch of criminals and looters” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called President Goodluck Jonathan “incompetent”, “weak”, “gutless” and “clueless” it was not described as hate speech.

When they described him as a “drunken sailor”, a “drunken fisherman”, a “kindergarten President” and insulted members of his family it was not described as hate speech.

When they called us “wailing wailers” it was not hate speech. When they called us “PDPigs” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called us “baboons and dogs” and their wives called us “hyenas and jackals” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called us “cold-blooded murderers” and described us as “thieves and rogues” it was not described as hate speech.

When they encouraged and clapped for a foreign leader who described our people and our nation as “fantastically corrupt” it was not described as hate speech.

When they demonised our leaders and called First Lady Patience Jonathan an “ugly and illiterate hippopotamus” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called President Obasanjo and President Yar’adua “incompetent jokers and treacherous thieves” who “stole all the money that they were given for the power sector” and who were part of a “cabal of kleptomaniacs” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state a “murderer, cultist and gangster” who “has no character” and a “cutlass-wielding butcher and thief” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state a “loud-mouthed and illetrate gutter-snipe” and a “low-life danfo driver” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called the National Chairman of our great party, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, an “unfit, sick and dying invalid” and called the PDP itself a “nest of killers and vipers” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called Senator Iyiola Omosore the “killer of Bola Ige” and they called the Igbo people the “5 per cent that would not receive favour” it was not described as hate speech.

When they threatened the Igbo with genocide and gave them a quit notuce to leave the north it was not described as hate speech.

When they sang cold-blooded and chilling songs calling for the extermination of the entire Igbo race it was not described as hate speech.

When they said “an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north” and when they said that it was their intention to “spread sharia into every part if the federation” it was not described as hate speech.

When they openly referred to Christians as “pagans”, “arne” and “unbelievers” and when they called Muslims that are in the PDP and that supported Jonathan “heretics and infidels” it was not described as hate speech.

When they said that the killing of every Fulani person during the war against terror by the Nigerian Armed Forces was “a debt that would be later repaid” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called Shiite Muslims “lecherous souls, wife-swappers, animals, idol-worshippers and blasphemers” that were “not worthy of life” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called the Yoruba “cowardly and treacherous”, the Igbo “greedy and ungrateful” , the Niger Deltans “oil bats and filthy scum” and Middle Belters “slaves and minions” it was not described as hate speech.

When they said if it took “the slaughtering of 20 million Niger Deltans” to bring peace to Nigeria and to secure the flow of oil it should be done it was not described as hate speech.

When they called the poor and suffering masses of the core north “almajiris” and claimed that they were destined by God not to go to school, not to receive an education and not to live a better quality life it was not described as hate speech.

When they boasted that that same poor northern masses were condemned by God to live as unworthy paupers and beggars and to suffer and wallow in ignorance and poverty for the rest of their lives it was not described as hate speech.

When some misguided elites, religious bigots, ethnic supremacists and modern-day nazis claim that they were “born to rule” and that the rest of us are nothing but “servants, field-hands and serfs” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called yours truly a “hate-filled ethnic supremacist and racist”, a “spoilt child”, a “religious bigot”, a “Christian extremist”, an “intellectual fraud”, a “depraved and orgy-loving sodomite”, a “seducer and destroyer of women”, an “incestous peadophile”, a “common criminal”, a “gangster, murderer and assasin”, a “hired gun”, a “rottweiller” and an “insane drug addict” it was not described as hate speech.

When they called other PDP and opposition leaders “ritualists”, “cultists”, “killers”, “evil”, “cursed”, “beasts”, “scum”, “thieves”, “rogues”, “haters”, “filthy dreamers” and “cancerous vermin” it was not described as hate speech.

When they claimed that Jonathan was responsible for the death of Dora Akunliyi and that he should “get on his knees” and “crawl and beg Nigerians for forgiveness” it was not described as hate speech.

When they say that those that called on Buhari to “resume or resign” are a bunch of “jobless and idle youths” it was not described as hate speech.

I could go on and on.

Is there any shameful, disgusting, undeserved and malevolent label or any insulting adjective and bestial nomenclature that the APC and their friends have not employed or applied to those that have gallantly opposed their tyranny and hegemony?

Is there any sickening lie that they have not told about their perceived enemies and detractors?

Is there any life that they have not sought to scar, endanger and threaten? Is there any family that they have not used their associates in the media to malign and to incite the Nigerian people against?

Is there any slander, libel, fabrication, disinformation, misinformation, misrepresentation and hateful and destructive lie that they have not indulged in?

We know and hear all these things and we laugh them to scorn. It is like water off a duck’s back and it takes nothing whatsoever from us because Nigerians know the truth and they are far wiser than these professional APC haters and agents of destruction think.

The fact of the matter is that lions pay no heed when goats bleat and when cattle murmur. Dragons lose no sleep when the cock begins to crow and tigers do not concern themselves with the insults and opinions of sheep.

Whichever way they want to play it, whatever they do and whatever they say the APC will continue to get as good as they dished out to others over the last four years.

We are not intimidated by their threats of labelling us as terrorists and their crude attempt to intimidate and silence us.

This is because resisting tyranny and evil is a divine obligation. We shall continue to call a spade a spade and a tyrant a tyrant no matter what they say or do and we are prepared to pay whatever price may come with it. We cannot be muzzled and we shall not be silenced.

To the faithful and true I say the following: we must shed our fears and we must never forget that the Lord is with us.

We must never forget that even though they may have today, we have tomorrow.

We must be focused, we must be strong and we must be bold knowing that we serve a God who is mighty in battle and who never fails.

He is the El Shaddai and the Elohim. He is the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

He is the Lord of Hosts, the God of the Armies of Israel and the Ancient of Days.

He is our shield, our glory and the lifter of our heads. He is awesome in battle and His banner over us is love.

With Him, victory is ours and our enemies shall be brought to heel and crushed under our feet like the desert sand.

We lift our swords in the name of Jehova Perazim, we raise our shields in the name of Jehova Elyon and we march forth into battle in the name of Yahweh, the Lord of the Universe, knowing that glory, honor and victory and the blessings of the Most High God await us!

His precious love and faithfulness, from whom none can separate us, shall overcome the malice and overwhelm the evil of the architects of terror and the fathers of hate.


  1. Thank you FFK. Tell them!!! If they think they can bring back Decree 4 through the back-door by any guise, they have another think coming!

  2. Agreed with your personal view but are part from critise to PMB govt what is your intake other previous democratic government which u equally participate?

  3. May God forgive those who died during Biafran War and Beyond. It is the same people who support them in the first place but later change to be ministers and advisers for govt. And also to stop food from crossing borders and give them 20pounds on equal basis. Now they love them.
    Dear countrymen dont allowed them to use you for thier intrest.


    I start this piece with the words of George Orwell, Author of Animal Farm.

    According to him:

    “If freedom means anything, it means the right to tell the people the truth they do not want to hear.”

    It is that truth President Buhari and his ‘supporters’ ‘apologists’
    ‘allies’ and ‘sympathizers’ do not want to hear about the many
    agitations in Nigeria, which have given rise to hate speech in the
    country that I tell them hear.

    I am aware that President Buhari has ordered his military to monitor social media and arrest Nigerians spewing ‘hate speech’.

    I wish to advise the president to do the following things before arresting persons spreading hate speech:

    Buhari should first of all apologize to Nigerians, especially those he
    classified as ‘five per-centers’ in his infamous, reckless, divisive,
    sectional and unpresidential ‘five percent (5%) and ninety seven percent
    (97%)’ speech which no doubt set the ball rolling for hate speech and
    escalated ethnic and regional tension in Nigeria along tribal and
    religious lines after he took over power in May 2015.

    He should arrest Arewa Youths who issued ‘quit notice’ to Igbo tribe and by
    extension, Southerners, to leave the North on or before October 1, 2017
    or face genocide before threatening to ‘arrest’ other persons spewing
    ‘hate speech’.

    Those who might want to tell me that the ‘quit
    notice’ has been ‘suspended’ or ‘withdrawn’ by Arewa Youths are humbly
    advised to watch the video clip of the ‘Kaduna Declaration’ that
    conveyed the ‘quit notice’ and take note of the VENOMS AND POISONS in it
    and ask themselves how possible it is for a group that released such
    devilish and deadly statement to ‘suspend’ or ‘withdraw’ it and expect
    persons to whom it had been ‘issued’ to foolishly and genuinely believe
    them and continue to reside in the North, being fully aware of decades
    of regularly demonstrated capacity and penchant of those behind the
    ‘quit notice’ to carry out mass murder of innocent persons and destroy
    property worth billions of Naira for political, tribal, religious and
    economic reasons.

    Buhari should also disarm, arrest and prosecute
    killer Fulani herdsmen and Islamic jihadists, who have killed thousands
    of persons in the Middle Belt and South, raped women; destroyed farms
    and crops worth billions of Naira and occupied ancestral lands belonging
    to indigenous Nigerians in the name of ‘free movement and grazing
    rights for Fulani cattle rearers’ and compensate thousands of victims of
    state-condoned and sanctioned terrorism against non-Fulani Nigerians
    before ‘arresting’ apostles of ‘hate speech’ with his military.

    It is wrong for Buhari to think he can silence agitations in Nigeria
    without addressing the deep-rooted factors behind them. Put succinctly,
    he MUST shun tribal, economic and religious interests of the ‘Fulani
    North’ and work together with all stakeholders in Nigeria to entrench
    justice, fairness, equity, equity, fiscal federalism and respect for
    sanctity of human life for the good of every Nigerian to bring a lasting
    end to all the agitations in the country.

    In the words of Liborous Oshioma, a Lagos-based legal pundit and a commentator on Nigerian affairs:

    “While we want to be united, you CAN’T force unity without addressing injustice and imbalances in the land.”

    For me, Any Nigerian who believes and basks in the unity,
    indivisibility and oneness of Nigeria without recourse to the need to
    thoroughly and holistically address the many social, economic and
    political imbalances and injustice in the land, which no doubt, are
    behind the plethora of agitations in the country, is only building
    castles in the air and not postponing Nigeria’s doomsday and Waterloo
    but facilitating and drawing them closer.

    The position of Buhari
    that “Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable” is the greatest threat to
    Nigeria’s unity, existence, development and prosperity as a sovereign

    Any attempt by Buhari to gag the social media and
    trample on the rights and freedom of speech of Nigerians in the name of
    ‘checking hate speech’ would tantamount to open and shameful show of
    dictatorship, intolerance, tyranny, a declaration of war on law
    abiding citizens of Nigerians and violation of their freedom of speech and privacy to life.

    The President should arrest killer Fulani herdsmen and those behind ‘quit notice’ and threat of genocide against Nigerians of Southern extraction resident in the North if he is serious about arresting persons behind hate speech, violence and killing in Nigeria.

    He can only throw Nigeria into a state ofanarchy and conflagration she CAN NOT survive as a ‘UNITED, INDIVISIBLE SOVEREIGN STATE’ if he continued to shield and protect the real enemies threatening Nigeria’s peace, unity, prosperity and development and arrest and jail those agitating against injustice and man’s inhumanity to man in the land.

    I wish to conclude this short piece with the words of G.T Ogunye, a Lagos-based lawyer and human rights activist.

    According to him:

    “Buhari MUST (emphasis mine) know and accept that the bedrock of
    democracy is dialogue, negotiation and discussion. His position that
    Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable is antithetical to democracy. It is
    wrong for him to assume or conclude that those asking for justice want
    to rock the union.”

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