There is a code of honor amongst the Sons of Light, a standard for the Armour Bearers of Truth and a word for the Knights of God’s Round Table. They read as follows.

Resist oppression. Confront the evil. Face down the devil. Stand up to tyranny. Speak truth to power. Defend the righteous. Despise injustice. Challenge the rich. Help the poor. Feed the hungry and break the yoke.

Confront the bully. Learn from the wise. Stand firm in the fight. Stand strong in the storm.

Let your will be as firm as iron. Let your resolve be unshakeable and let your courage be resounding. Fight the good fight. Strengthen the weak and fail not the vulnerable.

Never bow before the enemy. Never show them fear. Never beat a retreat and never cut and run with your tail between your legs.

Speak for the voiceless. Serve the truth. Stand for the weak, the vulnerable, the misunderstood, the oppressed and the persecuted.

Fight for your honor. Fight for your faith. Fight for your family. Fight for your nation and, for each of these, be ready to lay down your life.

Never let the enemy break your spirit. Never let them trouble your soul. Never let them know how and what you feel inside.

Never let them feel your pain. Never shout in despair even when your world is falling apart. Always be strong: walk tall, chin up and hold your head up high.

And no matter what you may be going through always remember this: that whatever the enemy says or does, God alone has the final say and destiny speaks at the end.

If the Lord has not written you off no mortal can do so. If the Lord has not finished with you no man can say it is over for you. If the Lord has not said your sun has set no man can stop it from rising.

Forget not the Red sea experience. Forget not the end of Pharaoh. Forget not that the Egyptians we see today, we shall see them no more. Forget not that the vision is for an appointed time and that though it may tarry, it shall not fail.

Forget not that joy comes in the morning and in the end our God makes all things beautiful.