Villa Love Love, Cannes, Juanes Le Paine, Nice and Super Cannes. Summer of ’82 in the South of France and then on to Athens and those beautiful Greek islands. Fondest memories. Those were the days. The best days of our lives. So young, so free, so vibrant, so happy. We had the world at our feet. We were full of life.

Where did all those wonderful years go? Our joy was complete. No fears. No worries. No responsibilities. No concerns. Now we are old and fading. Now our time is almost done. Now we know how cruel and hard this world can be. Now we call God night and day to shield and provide for our partners and loved ones.
Now we know what our parents went through. Now it is our children’s turn to be full of joy. I will not write poems and love songs again. The world is too ugly, too harsh, too cruel for that. Too many hearts have been broken, too many souls have been betrayed and abandoned. Too much hurt is in the air. Too much want, too much poverty, too much suffering. Here I sign off forever.
To all those I once loved: I was never good enough for any of you. My bed of roses are made, the show is over, the night begins. From today I sleep and I sleep forever. My queen shall continue the march of life and other kings and generals will arise.
…….wow…… wake up……. what a nightmare. Thank God. Did you think that you could get rid of me so easily? No way. Come on and give me a beautiful smile: how can I stop writing love songs when the sun still shines and when your beauty still lies radiant at my doorstep and in my heart.
No. I will write and write until I am no more and you will feel and enjoy that manifest joy and abundance that still resides in my Spirit-filled soul. This is not the last song. This is just the beginning.