Abaddon, the Prince of destruction hovers over our nation. Magog, the prince of war marches towards our shores. Asmodeus, the prince of suffering and death beats his drums over our country.

Belial, Leviathan and Astoreth, the three Crown Princes of Hell, are knocking at our door.

The Bonded Woman and the Queen of Heaven have taken our throne and infested our waters whilst Molech, Hecate, Beelzebub, Azazel, Balaam, Behemoth, Bile, Cimeries, Coyote, Damballa, Dagon, Mormo and Mictian have plagued our fields and soiled our walls.

In the name of God I ask, who is manning our gates and where are the watchmen and the watchers? Where are God’s servants and the defenders of the realm? Where are those who are called to pray into the dead of the night?

The sons of the Nephilim dance and rejoice as
poverty, hardship, cruelty, fear, famine, injustice, bloodshed, decay, deceit, wickedness and double standards stalk our land and covers it with a dark satanic veil, shutting out the glorious light of God’s love, mercy and blessings.

O Nigerians what have you done to yourselves and who has bewitched you? Who has cast this evil spell that has blinded you to all reason and rationality?

What compels you to slash open your own stomachs with the sharpest of blades and to remove your own bowels?

Yet the gullible and dull, like madmen swimming in a pool of their own faeces, rejoice at the sheer callousnes and insensitivity of their broom-waving demi-god.

Little do they know that by the time he finishes with them and the clapping stops they will have nothing left.

He will strip them bare, drain their blood, devour their flesh, steal their glory, blight their star, bring them to their knees and turn them them into the living dead. They will be as chaff before the wind and, like vagabonds, paupers and beggars, they shall wander in the cold of the night.

That is the spirit of mai chanji for you. That is what it does and that is all that it brings: sadness, misery, loneliness, fear, poverty, death decay and cancerous destruction.

The Holy Bible says “my son meddle NOT with them that are given to CHANGE. For their calamity shall rise suddenly and who knoweth the ruin of them both?”- (Proverbs 24 21:22)

May God judge those who invoked this demon and who enthroned him as King. He is the veritable personification of evil and the diabolical manifestation of Lucifer, the Lord of the Flies.


  1. God is the righteous judge. He says, He will give us rest from our sorrow and fear and from the hard bondage wherein we were made to serve.
    He will destroy upon this mountain, the face of the covering cast over us.
    About the servants of God, He has sent an Angel with a marker in his hand to mark all them that cry and sigh for the abominations happening.
    He sent out another Angel to destroy them who bear not the mark. With two commands. Have no pity.
    Start from my sanctuary.
    God has promised to give us peace by all means.
    It is a righteous thing for Him to bring tribulations on those who disturb our peace. He is the Prince of Peace. Pray, let Him come in and take over. Pray let His Spirit stir up the hearts of the remnants of His House to pray.
    Pray for the alarm to be sounded and a solemn assembly gathered. To seek the face of the Prince of Peace. In godly sorrow leading to quality repentance. Then He will hear us. He will return to His Temple and our Nation to deal vengance to His enemies in our Nation. Then we can cast out these demons that plague us with these evils.
    My brother, The Prince of Peace awaits our genuine repentance.
    So I urge you to sound the alarm. Gather the people for this solemn assembly.
    No need to wait for so-called servants of God.
    He has ordained you as His battle axe over Nigeria, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

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