I have little doubt that Ibe Kachikwu, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and Energy, regrets the day that he left the relative comfort of the private sector and entered the stormy waters of Nigerian politics.

I am sure that he curses the day that he met President Muhammadu Buhari, that he opted to join the APC and that he accepted the long-awaited and much sought after invitation to be a member of his troubled cabinet and fast-sinking government.

As the saying goes, “not all that glitters is gold” and as the fiery and courageous black American civil rights leader and cleric, Malcom X, once said, “in the final analysis, whether he be a house nigger or a field nigger, a nigger remains a nigger and one day ‘masser’ still gonna give him a damn good whoppin!”

Today Kachikwu has finally come to understand and hopefully accept the fact that no matter how much he tried to be a loyal and true member of Buhari’s kitchen cabinet and inner circle and no matter how much he considered himself to be a key and indispensible member of the tyrant’s feared and dreaded cabal, he remains nothing but the proverbial “house nigger” who is at best tolerated by his “masser” and owner and who is being played and upstaged by a very small boy and a relatively junior member of the Hausa Fulani ruling elite by the name of Maikanti Baru that has been mandated to run the affairs of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

The golden rule is as follows: all slaves and house niggers must know their place and they must never venture to cross the line or to join issues or cultivate the nerve and temerity to challenge the authority of ANY of the “masser’s” sons, including the most trucluent, impudent, obnoxious, objectionable and stubborn ones.

The “masser’s” son may know next to nothing and he may be rotten and vile in all his ways yet his bloodline and race still sets him apart: he was “born to rule” and remains the head whilst house niggers like Kachikwu and the rest of us were “born to serve” and remain the tail.

And that is the story of Nigeria. That is why a fine and upstanding Governor like Willie Obiano of Anambra state will sit before President Muhammadu Buhari, remove his beautiful fedora hat and place it on his lap like a pliant puppy and obedient little schoolboy and pay homage and obesience to the maximum dictator.

He knows his place. He knows how to behave in front of “masser”, he knows never to look him in the eye and he knows that “masser” is to be feared, reverred, worshipped and loved by every good house nigger and slave as if he were God.

It is in this context that one must ask why Kachikwu should be in the least bit surprised that he has not been granted access to President Buhari and that the northern Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has completely usurped his functions and undermined his authority?

Did he really expect things to be any different in a Buhari administration? Has he forgotten that he is Igbo? Has he forgotten that his people are part of those that the President once disdainfully referred to as the “5 per cent”?

When I said that Buhari hated the Igbo some time back many were shocked, many disputed my assertion, many were in disbelief and many were in denial even when the evidence to prove and substantiate my assertion was incontrivertible and compelling.

Today a good number of hitherto and erstwhile doubting Thomas’, cynics and skeptics have seen the light, finally agreed with me and voiced their observations and concerns loudly and publicly.

The President himself affirmed our grave allegations and confirmed our worst fears during the course of his reprehensible, uninspiring and downright shameful Independence Day speech in which he insulted the Igbo elders and leaders and basicallly told them to go and control their children and wards.

This is bad enough but permit me to share something with you today that is even more disconcerting and troubling: the truth is that deep down Buhari has nothing but contempt for southerners, Middle Belters and Christians.

As painful as it is for some to hear and as difficult as it is for others to accept, there it is. That is the BITTER TRUTH!

Sadly Ibe Kachikwu jumped in the sack with the wrong set of people. He got into bed with a brood of vipers and a horde of vampires who secretly hate and despise his own.

He chose to wine and dine with an insatiable and rappacious set of self-seeking, self-serving, flesh-eating, blood-drinking, spirit-crushing, destiny-destroying and soul-wounding demons and devils and now the chickens have come home to roost.

He chose to overlook the fact that to Buhari and his tiny cabal of ethnic and religious supremacists ALL southerners and Middle Belters are second class citizens and dispensable slaves.

And neither will his mouthwatering and earth-shaking revelations about the monuemental fraud, graft and corruption that is going on under his watch at the Petroleum Resources Ministry in any way help or protect him.

As a matter of fact his singing and spiling the beans will rather make things worse for him because sooner or later those he has courageously chosen to expose will hit back with all the force and fury of a wounded lion and with the venom and spite of a cuckolded husband and a cheated wife.

From what I have seen and heard the truth is that the EFCC are already in the process of a detailed investigation and are closing in on him.

These people are blackmailers and gangsters.
To them siphoning 24 billion USD from the coffers of the Northern (sorry I meant “Nigerian”) National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) by awarding questionable and fake contracts outside of due process means absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact that is what is expected of their cronies and agents.

Where else will they get the money for Buhari’s 2019 presidential campaign from?

My friend and brother Reno Omokri captured the situation rather well when he wrote the following:

“the first time Muhammadu Buhari was Petroleum Minister in the 1970s, Fela sang ‘2.8 billion Naira missing’. Now he is Petroleum Minister again and Kachikwu is singing $26 billion missing! Why is it that huge billions tend to go missing or spent without due process whenever Buhari is Minister of Petroleum? However, Kachikwu was naive for writing that letter to Buhari! He does not know that Baru was brought in to do exactly what he is doing!”

Omokri is absolutely right. What a messy and stinking cesspool and pit of poisonous snakes Ibe Kachikwu has found himself in.

And quite apart from all that it must be a living nightmare and pure hell for an intelligent, well-educated, enlightened, cosmopolitan, Harvard-trained former Shell executive and Federal Minister to have his powers curtailed and usurped and to be treated with contempt and disdain by the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation that is under his own Ministry!

This is made even worse by the fact that that Chief Executive Officer probably, if at all, went to some fourth-rate rodent-infested “school” or “university” near the borders of Chad or Niger Republic or some other dubious institution of “higher learning” not too far from the dusty, dry and barren sand slopes of the Sahara desert.

Poor Ibe Kachikwu! I guess that he has to live with the consequences of the choices that he has made. His situation reminds me of the verse in the Holy scriptures that says it is “a great evil under the sun when the sons of slaves ride around on horseback whilst the sons of the King are walk around on bare feet”.

This goes against the natura order of things and something ought to be done about it. My first prayer for him is that he does a thorough spiritual search and attempts to discover who and what his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari, really is and what he seeks to achieve in our country.

My second prayer is that he finds the decency and courage to resign from the government that he serves before it is too late, before they turn on him and before he is thoroughly discredited and rubbished out of office by his traducers and powerful adversaries.

And finally my third prayer is that he restores his confidence, his self-respect and his dignity, that he stops walking around barefoot, that he finds and puts on his royal shoes and that he mounts and rides his horse.

Gone are the days that he should be running behind the carriages and horses of slaves and working for those that do not have ten percent of his wisdom and knowledge. He is far better than that.

Yet whatever he chooses to say or do one thing is clear: in Nigeria the keepers of wealth are not the keepers of compassion.

They are cruel and relentless and their greed and wickedness knows no bounds. They hate more than any other yet they accuse others of hate speech.

They steal more than any other yet they accuse others ofstealing and corruption. They kill more than any other yet they accuse others of killing.

They engender and enthrone modern-day apartheid, fascism and slavery more than any other yet they accuse others of espousing and enunciating their very own deep-seated and insidious intolerance and racism and their unbridled and perfdious religious bigotry.

They are a government of double standards, lies and deceit. A government that uses its army to commit mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing against its own people.

A government that protects, encourages and supports the barbaric activities of evi and deadly Janjaweed ethnic militias that slaughter and dispossess innocent souls, including defenceless women and children, in the name of herding cattle.

A government that cannot stomach strong opposition or critical and consistent criticism. A government that is so terrified of its own shadow and that is so averse to righteousness, wholesomeness, equity and truth that it is ready to wipe out a whole race of people simply to deny them their right of self-determination and silence their voices.

They are a government of the corrupt, for the corrupt and by the corrupt: a government whose sole purpose and not so hidden agenda is to re-establish the hegemony of the core Muslim north and turn the Nigerian people and state into a colony of servile vassals, gutless quislings, broken serfs and hopeless slaves.

Yet they shall fail because, like the brilliant, beautiful, dazziling and passionate American Amazon, Dana Loesch, recently said, “we will shatter their violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth”.

They shall fail because history testifies to the fact that no matter how unyielding, brutal, savage, relentless, deceitful, mendacious and bloodthirsty they may be, the agents of satan and the forces of darkness have NEVER been able to conquer, defeat or overwhelm the children of God and the spirit of the people.

It shall be no different in our shores. It is only a matter of time.

The notion of a united Nigeria after the 2017 genocide against the Igbo and state-sponsored terrorism coupled with the wholesale rejection of the idea of restructuring by the core north is absurd and far-fetched.

There cannot be peace where there is no justice. There cannot be tranquility and harmony where there is inequality. There cannot be love and peaceful co-existence where there is hate, condescension and fascistic philosophies. There cannot be camaraderie and fellowship where the tyrant unleashes the full force of his tyranny against the people.

The fact of the matter is that if he continues to send his army to kill innocent civilians, if he refuses to bring to justice the military personnel that slaughtered the Shiite Muslims two years ago and that have been murdering young Igbos and IPOB members since he came to power and if he continues to condone the mass murder of northern Christians and Middle Belters by his Fulani kinsmen and herdsmen the resistance and opposition to his administration will continue to be relentless and the agitation for restructuring and the quest to exercise the right of self-deternination by the various ethnic groups in our country will continue to increase and become far more aggressive and pronounced.

Many may suffer. Many may be killed. Many may be detained and incarcerated. Many may be wrongly accused, villified and in bondage. Many may be dispossesed, humiliated and scattered.

Many may be tortured, brutalised, maimed and scarred and many may suffer all shades and manners of indignity, shame, poverty, lack, deprivation and hunger.

Yet despite all these deep, harrowing and seemingly endless travails, one thing is sure: our liberation shall eventually come because no matter how dark the night, joy comes in the morning. The Bible says “many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him of them all”.

In the end God’s glorious light shall bring the tyrant to his knees, dispel the darkness and break the chains of servitude, subjugation and evil.

In the end deliverance, freedom, joy, peace, justice, abundance, vindication and the victorious lamp of liberty shall rise from Zion as the freedom bell rings and our nation is healed and restored.

In the end the Lord’s will shall be done, His counsel shall stand, His pupose shall be established, His name shall be glorified and we shall prevail.