I am a product of divine prophecy and a fulfilment of God’s promise. I am the axe that cuts down the evil tree. I am the wind that parts the dark waters. I am the shining light that resists the terrors of the night. I am the warrior that never falters or falls in battle.

I hate injustice and oppression. I am the servant of truth, the voice of the voiceless and the champion of the oppressed.

I am a King and the royal blood of the Holy One of Israel flows through my veins. I am a conqueror and the Holy Spirit of the Living God guides my steps. I am a deliverer and the Lord of Hosts emboldens my heart and sharpens my sword.

I am a living manifestation of the grace of God. I am a beneficiary of His manifold blessings, His love, His kindness and His infinite patience and mercy.

I am a favoured son of the Ancient of Days and it is my calling and destiny to effect His will.

For this great commission He lifted me up and He forged me in fire. For this noble cause He taught my hands to fight and my fingers to war.

I am a terror to tyrants and a friend to the subjugated.

I torment those that abuse power and that visit evil upon the innocent. I am a shield to the weak, an inspiration to the despised and a comfort to the vulnerable.

I am a scourge to great and mighty dictators. I am an adversary to men of blood and I am the defender of the righteous, the poor and the persecuted.

I am Oluwafemi, the Beloved of the Lord, the champion of the Most High, the favoured of the King of Kings and the son of the Alpha and the Omega.

I am FFK, the one whose hand is strong and mighty and whose angels wax strong in battle. I am the Odum-Agu of the south, the one who has the heart and strength of the lion and the courage and soul of the tiger.

I am the Odogwu N’agha of Christiandom: the strange and mighty warrior who is covered by the blood of Jesus and who fears no adversary in battle.

I am David, the anointed: a mighty Prince of the Kingdom.

I am irrepressable, indestructable and unbeatable: none can stand against me. I am FFK: he that knows no fear and that bows before no man.


  1. OGUNGBE Stephen Oluwadamilare

    Wow, nice meeting u sir, I am Ogungbe Stephen Oluwadamilare, it’s interesting to know u as one of those dedicating themselves to the oppressed and voiceless. I am from Oyo State and based in Bayelsa State, but surprised on a fateful day when I was arrested in a police station situated in the community where I live, this arrest was engineered by the Chiefs council for me not paying registration fee as a STRANGER. I asked the Paramount ruler who later came to see me at the police station “who is not a stranger?” He refused to answer my question that i should just pay #5000 or else I will be moved to the Divisional headquarters. Oppression of the highest order. Each time I thought of this that happened in April, I felt cheated in my fatherland. And looking a way to call these people to order for such not to repeating itself.

    1. if you asked me who is senseless in d present day Nigeria, it is those who keep silence in d face of tyranny. if d nuisance value of our leaders go on challenge, then we are all doom. We are in a democracy, but people like you don’t understand what freedom of speech means. For people like you, you equate our leaders both at federal & state to your lord which should be worshipped. Never, never & never again should we think like zombies. Do hv a splendid weekend

  2. Almighty will judge everyone of us according to our intention. If your intention is good towards all you are doing you reap it at when due but if your intention is the other way you will also reap what you sow.

    1. Abiola, need we say more about d much awaited redeemer? It appears your own mumu never do. Continue to wallow in ignorance.

  3. FFK is one of the greatest voices for the oppressed people of the current times in Nigeria. He is paying a great price for standing with the voiceless and the defense less Nigerians.

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