Mallam Abba Kyari

If I should die, cry not for me for angels beckon where I go. If I should die, weep not for me for it brings an end to pain afflicted. If I should die, mourn not for me for it ushers in peace eternal. If I should die hurt not for me but remember the good and dwell not on injuries past.

If I should die, let tears run not but in their stead rejoice in the knowledge that believers don’t die but only change address. For through Christs promise I have no fear of they that come in demon guise to carry the hapless and the hopeless to the hottest flames of hell.

Mr. Reginald Amonoo

Through Christ’s blood lies hope eternal, precious blessing and everlasting peace. If I should die, look to my loved ones and try to encourage them from time to time. If I should die, sweet memories hold, of passion, of love, of beauty and joy: not bitterness, not sadness, not regret nor hurt. Yet long life is my portion and death is far from me and neither can claim my soul or eclipse my rising star.

Till my work on earth is done I shall live long and prosper, knowing and believing that I shall never see the flames of hell. To those that have gone before me, I salute their gallant souls.

Mrs Ibidun Ighodalo

For to cross that line into eternity is not the end but rather the beginning of a glorious and immortal life. This is the promise of God and this I hold dear, trusting and believing that He never lies, He never fails, He never abandons and He never forsakes.

So my friends, conquer your fear of death and as the the Greek sage once said “you shall live forever”. For if I should die my soul still lives and if you want to see me just wait till midnight and look up at the stars.

Chief Richard Akinjide

For I shall shine brightly then even as I do now, knowing and believing that I am not alone. If I should die, remember that we once loved and that that love still holds true, waiting patiently, till the day we meet again.

If I should die, I once again would see my father, my mother, my siblings, my loved ones, my ancestors, my friends and all those that went long before me. What joy that would bring when we all meet again at the feet of our Lord and our risen King.

Governor Abiola Ajimobi

If I should die, then comes the next generation, filled with hope, with faith, with strength and with vigour. And die we must for them to grow, for we must become lesser and lesser and they greater and greater.

For in them lies our hope for a better tomorrow, for if I should die I need only look back once to know that my crest, my colours, and my flag still fly high.

Senator Buruji Kashamu

For after I am gone, and gone forever, my seed shall continue the race of life. And so the cycle continues for their time shall come too. But fret not, fear not, cry not and mourn not for if I should die, I shall enter Abraham’s bosom, that paradise, that glory and that blessing that is God’s promise.

And if I should die, for those I leave behind, the word of God is true: it says ”fret not” for He is your father and He is indeed the “father of the fatherless” . It says ”fear not” for He is your husband and He is indeed the “husband of the widow”.

President John Jerry Rawlings

He will love you, He will guide you, He will protect you and He will provide for you far better than I or any other mortal could. And if I should die remember this: that it is not on the ephemeral deceit of fleeting fame, or name or treasure or power or wealth that any should stand.

For on that day when death comes calling such temporal vanities shall surely flee. But stand on Christ the Rock and on Him alone and always remember that if I should die, and I die in Him, then truly I die not, but I live and reign in Him forever.

Mr. Sam Ndah Isiah

O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy power?