I see the beauty of a woman. It resides both in the inner and on the outer side. It is within and without. It is physical and spiritual. It is breathtaking and intoxicating. It lights up the senses and ignites the sensual.

It is alluring and irresistable. It is enchanting and captivating. It is explosive and ecstatic. It is charming and holds you spell-bound. It ensnares your mind, enslaves your thoughts, stirs your body and kindles your inner most desires. It is a sight to behold.

It conjures love, awakens passion, lights the fire, ignites the imagination, tantalises the senses and triples the heartbeat.

It ushers in peace, attracts fulfillment and invokes God’s prescence, grace, mercy, joy and blessings.

It is eternal and everlasting. It does not fade. It does not vanish. It is not ephemeral. It endures through the ages. It thrives in summer, winter and spring.

It weathers every storm, climbs every mountain and levels every valley. It dispels the darkness with its compelling radiance and brings light.

It strengthens and inspires. It heals every wound. It crumbles every heart. It takes away every hurt and it brings a smile to every face even in the most trying moments.

It commands virtue and decency. It insists on equity, sobriety, honor, nobility and loyalty. It compels courage, strength, fidelity, resilience, self-respect, the ability to endure and class.

It touches the soul, stirs the spirit and moves the body.
It is unfathomable, unknowable and unquenchable. It touches everything. It IS everything. Today I celebrate the beauty of a woman.